Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Hey all Big Grin I've been playing this game ever since I found it and wanted to say WOW AMAZING game.

With the big content overhaul the game has really come to life, and I have been playing it for about a week now. I have encountered a number of small bugs ect and thought I would let you know some.

When you cancel a escort civi mission the civi ship will warp into the area even though the mission isn't accepted

When you first warp into a nebula your shields will go from 100% to 0%, i know it is suppose to do this. However enemy ships warping into the nebula for the first time whilst you are there will warp in with 0% shields right away.

There was a restart bug where you could info loop your money, I got 100k lol and a score of 18k, but it has since been fixed and my game was reset :/

LEVELING, When my game was reset I had already gotten to level 11 legit. Starting from level 1 I thought of a quick way to level up which got me to level 12 within an hour. This method was done by starting a hard game, letting my self die and then repeating, due to the boost of 1k it made it more effective taking 2 minuets to get a score of 1k. Than an hour to get a score of 4k for instance. This could be fixed if players get the boost after getting to round 2 Smile

BALANCE, before I get into balance I just wanted to say the game is awesome so please don't think i'm digging at you guys Wink <3 <3 With balance I have found some issues, I only play on hard and sometimes I find myself getting screwed on the first area, and sometimes I can breeze though the entire game getting scores of 9k, recently getting 11k legit on hard :O WHY THIS HAPPENS, 99% of the time the reason I do so well is down to drops. I've learnt that celestial are the best starting faction due to their Ion mrk II and mega plasma cannons, getting one of these within the first 15 jumps can be the difference between completing the game or getting royally screwed haha Smile

Ion mrk II, these guns are amazing! But a little OP, when facing off against an entire fleet of about 5 ships with normal plasma missiles I found it way to easy even on hard, this was mainly due to the fact that the Ion mrk II destroys missiles. With your entire fleet decked out with Ion's almost no missile can touch you. (unless its a sneaky little potato Wink ). Perhaps allowing missiles to get hit by 2 Ion shots before they get destroyed.

- Just a note, I was able on android to get a legit score of 11k on hard, after god knows how many attempts. However my score on the score board hasn't been updated it still says 9.3k I was just wondering if this is a bug? I just hope my game doesn't get reset again as this time I actually got the score legit after 2 days solid Smile

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