Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

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At stage 4, when you have your entire fleet decked out with mega plasma cannons and death rays, it all seems to easy... I find that I breeze though the boss wave with no effort at all, and when I do get to the final unknown outpost (end) if I sit back at one corner with a couple of death rays, they can't even touch me, and over the course of 5 minuets you've beat game with no hard core end game boss fight. As well as that I've gotten to the end about 9 times on hard now and the weaponry on the 4 unknown outposts is almost none extant. I understand that it very very hard to level these kind of things Smile

FLEET, when you get to stage 4 I find my self with 40k scrap in the bank 700 upgrade points and with a full fleet of assault ships fully up graded, along with my flag ship. I wish there were more slots for even MORE ships in my fleet allowing me to use the left over scrap I have.

SCORE, for the last 2 days I've been trying to get a number 1 score, which I have managed and stated above, however I have found an issue with the system. Once you have cleared stage 4 if you sell all your weapons before ending the game, you can make back around 10k-15k, this is amazing if your someone as sad as me who does anything to get the best score haha. However it is an issue, players who don't sell their items loose out on around 1k-2k score at the end due to the left over scrap modifier. A way to fix this would be to add another modifier which adds on the scrap value of all weapons on your ship Smile

-Thank you for reading, if you could let me know about that 11k score thing it would be amazing, I just don't want my game getting reset again after getting it legit Smile

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