Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

@DEADPOOL45. Hi! In the beginning we made a mistake with projectile and energy cannons. They were the most powerful turrets in the game, and yet they were also the cheapest. They were better than nuke and mega plasmas! Seriously, the two cheapest turrets were the absolute best in the game damage per second wise. You must see that this is a mistake, it is not how the cheapest turrets should be. It was never the intention.

Our community wanted them changed because the turrets were overpowered and too cheap. So we changed them by taking away the recharge rate upgrade and having the burst upgrade instead. Now they are much better balanced compared to their price, they are cheap turrets and there are much better turrets in the game now.

I hope this explains the situation, and I hope you can forgive us for our mistake. I would like to ask you not to punish us by rating the game poorly when we worked months to make updates to the game and then people punish us for changing some turret values. It makes us feel we cannot change anything anymore. You must realize that part of updating a game is trying to make the balance better and that means some overpowered turrets have to be changed. We don't do it to cause frustration, we are trying to make the game more balanced and better!

It saddens us to get 1 star ratings when we have worked so hard. Just because some turret was changed. Sad

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