Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Heya Broken Othello ☺

I made a post which should address most of your questions yesterday so I'll link you to that!

1.3.2... thanks man!!! ^_^

Would just like to point out that the escape pod does let you transfer command . . . at the expense of your flagship.

Why did you take away the ability to sharpen the recharge rate of plasma cannon as projectile cannon?

@DEADPOOL45. Hi! In the beginning we made a mistake with projectile and energy cannons. They were the most powerful turrets in the game, and yet they were also the cheapest. They were better than nuke and mega plasmas! Seriously, the two cheapest turrets were the absolute best in the game damage per second wise. You must see that this is a mistake, it is not how the cheapest turrets should be. It was never the intention.

Our community wanted them changed because the turrets were overpowered and too cheap. So we changed them by taking away the recharge rate upgrade and having the burst upgrade instead. Now they are much better balanced compared to their price, they are cheap turrets and there are much better turrets in the game now.

I hope this explains the situation, and I hope you can forgive us for our mistake. I would like to ask you not to punish us by rating the game poorly when we worked months to make updates to the game and then people punish us for changing some turret values. It makes us feel we cannot change anything anymore. You must realize that part of updating a game is trying to make the balance better and that means some overpowered turrets have to be changed. We don't do it to cause frustration, we are trying to make the game more balanced and better!

It saddens us to get 1 star ratings when we have worked so hard. Just because some turret was changed. Sad

@AdmiralGeezer I am one of those deeply saddened by the loss of recharge rate on projectile cannons, but i am also in full agreement that it needed to happen. The sheer insanity of triple projy cannons was utter hilarity. Lol Really hoping for some type of rail cannon though. Just would love to see a projectile type weapon with a long recharge time but high velocity, good accuracy, and very good but fair damage. Maybe this is possible?

@AdmiralGeezer - Haters gonna hate man. Looking at the ratings people are giving this game, it's safe to assume most people agree with the changes you made.

Death Rays have become the new Projectile Cannon though. Instead of a fleet armed with 5 suped-up Projectile Cannons, I now build fleets with as many Death Rays as I can possibly find/buy.

I really like the updates you made to the extended version in December (?). They've really polished up the game nicely. It's now possible to win without a horde of drone fighters, which I really appreciate.

I'm currently working on beating the game (on hard) using various limitations (no fighters, human weapons only, starting ships only) and having a blast.

Thank you, Forty In Red! Yes, it is true that most players are really happy with the changes. That is awesome. Hope the players that don't feel that way right away will come around and see the positives!

Well these kind of balancing things are expected and if something is overpowered it should be done this way. And i do agree about Death Rays with Forty In Red. Those are still problematic.
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From an awesome Commander elsewhere:

Hi, BugByte!

The BattleStation Harbinger is very cool game! It it became especially interesting after the latest update. Here's some feedback..

Got into a nasty bug with the game: I've completed all missions and killed all enemies of the episode 1/4 and moved to the next map, the episode 2/4, where I travelled to a neighbouring starsystem and then quit. When I resumed the game, the loaded game was broken: I was still on the map of episode 1/4, in the system next to the exit system (not in the exit system itself), with half of the missions incomplete and many enemies and enemy bases still intact. This is very discouraging since now it turns out that all my completion of episode 1/4 was in vain... please fix the save games..

Also, there are some other bugs and things I've noticed:

1. It is possible to pick any ship for the beginning, even if I still did not unlock it yet - simply chose the locked one, exit to main menu, go back to the "start game" menu, the ship is selected and you can go with it.

2. It takes very very long to switch between difficulty levels in the "start game" menu. When I choose another difficulty, it takes like 5 seconds to switch.

3. Please make the game remember the last difficulty I was playing on and the last ship.

4. The in-game autofocus on "interesting items" and target enemies breaks the player focus. Imagine: I warp into a system, start giving orders, at this moment the camera moves to a far edge of the map, showing some item, and effectively leaves my ships half-assesed with enemies attacking. This is not good - I don't want the camera to forcibly move to some crate somewhere and leave my ships. This is especially annoying if the enemy forces are strong and I want to command the war operation, not look at some crate or enemy base, which I already know is there. This feature definitely begs for a re-implementation or re-considering.

5. Once I got into situation in an energy storm system where storms were happening faster than the engines recovered. I could not leave the system for several turns, until somehow I managed to do it. Idk if this is really a bug, but for missions which are to be completed in a certain number of turns, this is rather significant.. but can be considered a part of gameplay.

6. Enemies are a bit stupid: like a weak ship can warp in to a system with a human base, couple of human ships and a horde of fighters... what was it hoping for? Enemies really need some improvement.. they became much better with the update, but still behave rather strange.

7. The additional ships that a player buys are more like augments to his main ship, not like separate ships.. neither their navigation, nor their targeting is like separate ships.. this is ok if it's a part of gameplay, but feels a bit strange. I can't even warp them into different parts of a star system.. and even if I could.. would there be any real benifit to it?

8. When on the map I see human and enemy ships in the same system, but I am not there, it seems like they are not interacting at all. They can really sit several turns there, but when I warp in, the battle begins and one of the sides quickly takes the upper hand. BTW, the NPC ships almost always get destroyed in seconds (if they are not starbases). Idk what to do with this, but.. maybe something could be done.

9. More missions and variety of sectors please!!! It would be cool if there was some building tasks, building protection tasks, more convoy tasks, good delivery tasks, ambush, defence, siege, mining, and other things... but I am sure you already have some plan on what you do next, so I just wait Smile

Anyway, the latest major update you did was great! It really made the game much better.

Thank you!

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