Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

@AdmiralGeezer: Thanks for the quick reply and involvement! Big Grin Yep, that was my report.

Wishing you luck and looking forward for the PC version, I will definitely buy it!

As for the device characteristics, regarding the about-5-sec lag, mine is Oysters T34 ( http://tablet-pcs.ru/language/english/index1104.html ) - does not look too slow, but idk, various things can happen. Thought I'd just report it.

I will play the game more and see what's up with the save games, if I could reproduce something, I'll report back and try to provide more details if something happens!

Currently yeah, I find the game very enjoyable, especially when self-imposing some limitations (as somebody already noticed) - like use no fighters and other! Hmm I wonder if these limitations could be expressed differently, like one could pick them up at the start for example like "no fighters for player" + "weapons can only be bought", and that would really remove the things from the game, giving additional score or stuff... idk however, if it's worth implementing, and can be not very easy, depending on games code architecture.. but there's definitely something in this concept of limitation!

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