Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Also, while at it - some more things I've noticed:

1. If I'm docking fighters and warp out during the process, then if some fighters got smaller in size, they just travel with me, but being smaller in size Big Grin not a big problem, but looks funny

2. Sometimes weapons are misplaced from the ship upon warp-in/warp-out for a moment. Also not a problem, but looks funny. Probably, their position is not updated correctly. I had similar issues when I was coding games with the Entity Component Systems architecture, and some components could become out of sync because the positional system updated the positional components in no particular order and sometimes parents (like ship) were updated after children (like weapons) in a single frame. It caused effects just like this. But then I sorted the positional update depending on the amount of parents that the entity hierarchical component provided, so that the objects lower on the hierarchy would always be updated after the ones that are higher. And since parenting did not change often, caching the simple tiny value on a hierarchy change would even eliminate most of the lookup. Idk if that's the case though and you're using the ECS architeture at all Smile but that'd make sense if you did.

3. All ships of the same class are named similarly. Maybe that's intentional, but then ships have no names. Looks a bit odd Smile

4. Scrolling through ships in player inventory screen is done with some [<] [>] on-screen buttons, which is not UX-friendly, since there can only be 3 ships, so there's no point in making the list scrollable, so if I want to get to ship 3 (and the window always opens on ship 1), I have to scroll through the ship 2 Smile

5. Idk if it has been fixed with the update, but when I had 3 ships already in my fleet, then if I wanted to buy a new one instead of some that I had already, the game would not show the ships price, so I could not make the decision if I am ready to sell the ship and buy the other one.

6. Would be cool if not all ships were available from the start, and there were some special ships that could be bought somewhere on some stations or found derelict... that would make a bigger sense of property of the fleet and immersion. just ideas ideas Smile

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