Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

A few more things:

1. Situation: I targeted an enemy ship with all weapons (the segmented circle icon appeared over him), then warped out of the system for repairs, then warped back in - the circle is still upon the enemy, but he is not targeted! If I press on him again, the targeting is red, so when I press the "lock all weapons" again, the actual lock happens. Expeceted: So either the icon has to disappear (coz no actual lock is in effect) or the lock should be real.

2. The tractor beam icon is the same as the laser icon, which seriously hinders my ships systems readout. The icon is ok for the laser, but the tractor beam better have some other icon.

3. I cannot target my ships for separate enemy ships - the lock-on happens for weapon type, not for a ship... probably the targeting interface needs an improvement. It is neat in its current form, but it is not really effective. If I have like 2 ships, then it is normal if I would want to split their efforts and target different enemies, but this is impossible now. Maybe the targeting interface can be improved. And to enable better targeting, maybe the game could pause while the targeting interface is open so I could give all orders without hassle.

4. When I have 3 carriers, each with 2 fighter bays, it makes up for 1 + 6 taps to simply target all fighters on an enemy ship and 1 more tap to cancel the targeting interface. This is often the case and tapping all the buttons over and over again is not very fun. Probably an "All fighters" button could be useful.

5. The health bar can disappear if the ship is near the bottom screen edge or partly hidden if it is close to left/right screen edges. Would be cool if it would move itself in a way to be still readable.

6. The targeting circle changes its size with zoom which makes it hardly usable on maximum zoom-out. All in all, considering this and the points stated above, the targeting interface really requries some update on part of the UX.

7. Would be nice to put more accent on tactical splitting of the players fleet, like make more sense in controlling the ships separately. There's already the ability to move the ships out of formation, but the game really does not want you to do so because it will make it as uncomfortable as possible. The formation mechanism could be reworked, with less assumption that the player will always have the ships in formation. For example, there could be a special in-game menu to assume formation around the main ship, and quick buttons to focus on a particular ship quickly. Removing the implication that the player ships should always move in formation would open the road to much reacher tactical modelling of situations and scenarios...

I apologize for posting that much stuff, reports and ideas, but that's the feedback forum and these are the impressions that I got while playing the game, so I just say them. Of course I want Harbinger to be better and better, so I just report and tell my POVs but all is up to you, BugByte Smile

Thanks for the great fun!

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