Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Played some more today Smile

22. It's been said already but I repeat since I've just stumbled into it - there's a big problem when there are more than 4 items on a map. It may become impossible to properly handle them with the inventory.

Also, in addition to that - when my inventory is full and I am rewarded with an item, where does it go?

23. Slots on a ship systems screen are misaligned. For example, look at the BSE Achilles chart. The rear right point defense slot is especially out of the alignment. Others are too. This condition is similar for some other ships.

24. Today I got a ship almost out of a map, behind the map edge, and I was unable to select it. Also, it was not moving along with the rest of the fleet (my main ship and the other auxiliary one). The scenario was this: it got damaged pretty bad and I instructed it to maneuver behind my main ship, then I instructed all my fleet to move. The auxiliary ship got behind the edge, with only its engines barely visible from behind the edge and ceased to obey any movement orders. I am sure that somehow the fact that I gave it a separate move order mattered.

I am able to reproduce the bug rather well - you can issue a move order to move behind the edge and the ship will stay there. Since it will stop responding the general move order, it can't be retrieved without a hyper jump. Now I have managed to hide the ship completely. I know that it should not be possible to physically click behind the edge, but now I just did this and succeeded from the first try, just used a swift movement of my fingers and it got there.

25. When a ship near the edge, its personal orders menu is also hidden by the edge. But his one relates to point 5 that I made earlier, regarding the health bar.

26. The health bar is not always readable when there's a planet in the background.

27. When I shoot at some enemy and it jumps away, I have noticed that in some situations some of the main weapons of some of my ships can continue shooting at the empty space endlessly. This once happened with laser and once with a rocket.

28. In ship inventory if I first select a ship system and then click into empty space, the system is deselected, however, it's stats and the upgrade menu is still there. Either it should not lose its highlight or the menu should also disappear.

29. When jumping from an ion storm sector into a normal sector without enemies, shields don't recharge automatically to full, as they do when I destroy all enemies. This is inconsistent, they should recharge immediately.

30. Sometimes on the global map various markers are seen only partially. For example, there could be a marker of enemy ship, the big marker of the main mission objective and such, and they can get partly covered by the fog of war, which is unrealistic, since these markers are overlayed by the ships computer and cannot be partially visible as if simply being a part of the landscape. Same goes for a system. Since the map is drawn by a computer and not a landscape, each marker should be fully visible and unaffected by the fog of war.

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