Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

I've purchased, installed the game recently, and signed up to be a tester. But I'm not being prompted for the beta download in the Play store. So I'll make a couple of suggestions (that might have already been mentioned). I haven't read through all 20 pages.

1. The Trash can will tell first time players to "trash" an item instead of actually trading it at a station. Not knowing they are receiving scrap for the selling. So instead of the icon, maybe the scrap icon with a "+" will do, or just words "sell".

2. Visual detail. I've played S.P.A.Z and Gratuitous Space Battles which both have the same top down design with very limited battle concept like Harbinger. One thing is missing from Harbinger though, Damage art work on the ships, and smoke trails when the ship is moving. This will enhance the notion that your ship or your opponent has been damaged.

3. More information in the tutorial. The tutorial felt high level leaving out the selling and even death in the game. Sure you have 4k in scrap to buy anything, but I think seeing the necessity to flee or explaining perma-death due to the rogue-like genre of the game. On top of that, detail of the mission logs need to be available. I've had 4 missions running at once and lost track of what they were. I forgot which one was the main objective (even tough it was the lowest number) and the planets didn't fully line up when clicking them.

That's it for now. I really enjoy this game over most other's I've purchased recently.


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