Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

32. When warping in to a sector, if I happen to come out near the edge of the map, the camera is centered on the ship, effectively showing a huge area (up to a half of the screen) which is really off-map. And sometimes I issue a move order and the ship moves into the off-map territory. Then, if I try to pan, the camera instantaneously jumps to assume the correct position so that the border of my view is effectively the border of the map. The camera jump lucks a bit jaggy.

33. Had a laser firing at a fighter which was close to the laser and flying toward it and then over it. The figher was approaching the laser from the direction of about 1 hour. While the fighter flew over the laser and started gaining distance, the laser did not turn after it, but continued to fire almost in the same direction as it was firing, however, extending its ray as if the figher bounced off the X axis that goes through the laser, changing the sign of its Y speed, but maintaining the X speed (like an arkanoid ball bouncing off the bottom edge). So that the fighter was now flying toward 7 hours but the laser was shooting as if tracking a fighter that was flying at 11 hours. This lasted for like a second, and the fighter was destroyed by the laser.

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