Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

35. Enemy ships that are on my tail always jump almost right atop me. This leads to a few consequencies. Sometimes there are situations when 3-5 enemy ships fire at me from a long range and I don't have near enough range or weapons or speed to reach them, and of course not enough point defense to counter all their numerous missiles. So then I wait for the jump drive to recharge and move to a neighbouring sector. Usually 1-2 ships will follow me, *but* they will emerge right beside me, making a very easy kill. I use this tactics very successfully should I ever get in the situation. But what I don't like is that the enemies never have enough AI to know that and bring up something else. They always behave similarly - they foolishly split their forces and die fast one by one, blindly jumping in the deadly vicinity of a ship equipped for devastating close-range combat. How could they not assess that?

Probably they should not split, at least not send 1-2 ships right atop of me, especially that often these are small gunboats that are easy to destroy. Or they should warp in at a distance... and if they split, and I manage to kill the pursuers, the remaining group should call in a reinforcement, or, if unavailable at the moment in the nearest sectors, maybe jump away in the direction of their other ships somewhere to bulk up again, since they must know that I have enough power to suppress them alone...

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