Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

32. When warping in to a sector, if I happen to come out near the edge of the map, the camera is centered on the ship, effectively showing a huge area (up to a half of the screen) which is really off-map. And sometimes I issue a move order and the ship moves into the off-map territory. Then, if I try to pan, the camera instantaneously jumps to assume the correct position so that the border of my view is effectively the border of the map. The camera jump lucks a bit jaggy.

33. Had a laser firing at a fighter which was close to the laser and flying toward it and then over it. The figher was approaching the laser from the direction of about 1 hour. While the fighter flew over the laser and started gaining distance, the laser did not turn after it, but continued to fire almost in the same direction as it was firing, however, extending its ray as if the figher bounced off the X axis that goes through the laser, changing the sign of its Y speed, but maintaining the X speed (like an arkanoid ball bouncing off the bottom edge). So that the fighter was now flying toward 7 hours but the laser was shooting as if tracking a fighter that was flying at 11 hours. This lasted for like a second, and the fighter was destroyed by the laser.

My thoughts on targeting would be that if you select an enemy fighter-class ship, after 1 second it would be targeted by your weaponry. A visual cue would be the red targeting box around it changes to a flashing crosshair then a solid-one after 1 second.
This would not require much additional clicking or complexity but would allow you to somewhat control your firepower early on.

edit 33: been a bit inaccurate, after more observations of this, I saw that the problem is much simpler - the laser simply does not turn fast enough to properly track the fighter, its constant speed is turning, and it can't do 180 degrees turn in an instant, when the fighter flies over it, so it just keeps turning slowly, but continues to fire at the fighter as if it would actually fire at it, with the proper beam length and stuff, damaging the fighter.

34. Noticing more and more that sometimes in intense battles, point defense (namely bolters) ignore incoming threats in favor of nothing. Like there could be a pack of missiles flying into my side, or a couple of enemy fighters moving along.. but the bolters just stay silent, the whole 4 weapons on the bow of BSE Armada, for example. It feels like they have acquired some other target, but it went off their firing arc and them don't go for a new target or something like that. Or maybe that's not the reason, but they surely could target and fire the incoming missiles during that period that I have observed, even if they had to reload.. Could you please check the correctness of their eagerness for target acquisition?

35. Enemy ships that are on my tail always jump almost right atop me. This leads to a few consequencies. Sometimes there are situations when 3-5 enemy ships fire at me from a long range and I don't have near enough range or weapons or speed to reach them, and of course not enough point defense to counter all their numerous missiles. So then I wait for the jump drive to recharge and move to a neighbouring sector. Usually 1-2 ships will follow me, *but* they will emerge right beside me, making a very easy kill. I use this tactics very successfully should I ever get in the situation. But what I don't like is that the enemies never have enough AI to know that and bring up something else. They always behave similarly - they foolishly split their forces and die fast one by one, blindly jumping in the deadly vicinity of a ship equipped for devastating close-range combat. How could they not assess that?

Probably they should not split, at least not send 1-2 ships right atop of me, especially that often these are small gunboats that are easy to destroy. Or they should warp in at a distance... and if they split, and I manage to kill the pursuers, the remaining group should call in a reinforcement, or, if unavailable at the moment in the nearest sectors, maybe jump away in the direction of their other ships somewhere to bulk up again, since they must know that I have enough power to suppress them alone...

noncom I have noticed point 34 as well. It's hard to say exactly when or why it happens, but there is definitely something not quite right with point defense behavior.

Love the update! I love playing again!

The dangerous systems really make you think about how you want navigate to objectives and make some battles very interesting.
The new races and weapons are great! There is a great story behind each galaxy.
I have it on Android, will be buying for steam when it comes out!

Android version bug. When you first warp into a system sometimes the first touch "doesn't count". One example is where I press the repair on a space station system but the next dialog box doesn't appear "repair for free X / check". The second press works normally. Not a huge deal, just annoying.

Also, sometime seems to really drain battery. I'm trying to figure out what the combination is, may npot be related to your app.

Thanks again! Great game!

@Draikan: very good! I hope the dev team will take a look at that Big Grin it could mean life and death.

36. It would be very nice if ships schematics could be seen when buying the auxiliary ship. There could be a switch that toggles the display between the stats view (as now) and schematics, so that I could know, what are the point defense slots on the ship. It would be especially useful if will incorporate some more information on firing arcs. I got used to the game a bit, so I can predict some of it, but for a newcomer, as I was, it could be very frustrating.

37. Just finished a battle and noticed that I had my shields immediately restored. The funny thing is that some of the enemy projectiles were still underway, so it turns out that my ships can fully recharge shields when there are projectiles? The projectiles hit the renewed shields and lowered them down a bit.

38. It would be nice if in the weapon upgrade screen, the characteristics which cannot be upgraded anymore would not show the upgrade button, even the dimmed one, and the price.. something like "max" without the button would be much better. This is true as for fully upgraded specs, like all the 3 points assigned, or specs which have a lower limit, like the human bolter burst.

39. Shield regen rays targeting behavavior is not satisfactory. I created a support ship with 2 beams which should ensure good for my fleet. However, it always first heals itself whatever is the situation! Now imagine: I jump into a storm sector, shields begin receeding, I move toward the enemies which fire at my main ship, which already lost its shields and begins loosing armor.. the support ship flies by side and keeps trying to restore its own shields which are being drained by the sector, leaving the main attacking ship vulnerable!

So, it keeps restoring its own shields, and it's rather good at it, making them filling up faster than the sector drains them, *but* when the reenergizers recharge, the sector draws the shields a bit and it again starts recharging itself... that's totally not what I expected from the support ship in the fleet! They're chickens only caring for themselves (though not even attacked!) and not the main ship, which is taking the punch!

Same happened in battles - it keeps restoring some minimum shield damage to itself, rather than really help out the attack ship which suffers much fire. There's no way to control the repairing/reenergizing beams and they lock on themselves..

Something has to be done about the targeting, otherwise, they can really come to being of no value in half of the situations.

Thinking of 39 more: looks like anything but the ability to target repairs/reenergizers manually would fail in one or another way. Automatic targeting can be used sometimes, but when it comes to real battles, with real command, can't imagine how to deal without manually assigning roles..

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