Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

@Draikan: very good! I hope the dev team will take a look at that Big Grin it could mean life and death.

36. It would be very nice if ships schematics could be seen when buying the auxiliary ship. There could be a switch that toggles the display between the stats view (as now) and schematics, so that I could know, what are the point defense slots on the ship. It would be especially useful if will incorporate some more information on firing arcs. I got used to the game a bit, so I can predict some of it, but for a newcomer, as I was, it could be very frustrating.

37. Just finished a battle and noticed that I had my shields immediately restored. The funny thing is that some of the enemy projectiles were still underway, so it turns out that my ships can fully recharge shields when there are projectiles? The projectiles hit the renewed shields and lowered them down a bit.

38. It would be nice if in the weapon upgrade screen, the characteristics which cannot be upgraded anymore would not show the upgrade button, even the dimmed one, and the price.. something like "max" without the button would be much better. This is true as for fully upgraded specs, like all the 3 points assigned, or specs which have a lower limit, like the human bolter burst.

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