Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

39. Shield regen rays targeting behavavior is not satisfactory. I created a support ship with 2 beams which should ensure good for my fleet. However, it always first heals itself whatever is the situation! Now imagine: I jump into a storm sector, shields begin receeding, I move toward the enemies which fire at my main ship, which already lost its shields and begins loosing armor.. the support ship flies by side and keeps trying to restore its own shields which are being drained by the sector, leaving the main attacking ship vulnerable!

So, it keeps restoring its own shields, and it's rather good at it, making them filling up faster than the sector drains them, *but* when the reenergizers recharge, the sector draws the shields a bit and it again starts recharging itself... that's totally not what I expected from the support ship in the fleet! They're chickens only caring for themselves (though not even attacked!) and not the main ship, which is taking the punch!

Same happened in battles - it keeps restoring some minimum shield damage to itself, rather than really help out the attack ship which suffers much fire. There's no way to control the repairing/reenergizing beams and they lock on themselves..

Something has to be done about the targeting, otherwise, they can really come to being of no value in half of the situations.

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