Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

40. This one about AI again. Had a fight and a ship escaped with 1 pixel-wide health bar. And it jumped two sectors in a row, stopping in a blackhole sector! Meantime I moved to a starbase near the blackhole sector. While I was about to leave the starbase and go for the ship, I noticed 2 incomings on the global map, so I waited a turn. Two ships came - the crippled one and a new one. They emerged right over the starbase and my old adversary was destroyed in first milliseconds after the emergence.

Analysis: well, first of all, the barely alive ship went into a blackhole sector (wrong decision). The sector made no damage to it (it surely would destroy the ship with 1 pixel of health while its engines would be recharging). The ship went to attack a starbase and me, having 1 pixel of health - it emerged right atop the base. Oh..

41. Was able to select a starsystem that was in the fog of war. Apparently some tiny bit of its hit frame was uncovered.. It looked like I'm plotting course right into the darkness!

42. On map 3 I had Nemesis in the system right next to the exit, and it effectively blocked me from passing. I could jump away, but to that moment I was badly damaged and the neighbouring systems were crowded, so there was no escape and no progress possible. While it is ok on hard, I thought I'd note that maybe it has to be somewhere further on easier levels, like in one of appendix systems.

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