Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

46. Got a VERY nasty bug today! Again I am having a support ship with 2 reenergizers. Something happened to them, they stopped targeting properly at all. They were always missing anything they wanted to shoot at - the aux ship itself, the main ship, just anything. I tried replacing them with cannons, flying a little and replacing them back - to no avail. I thought it will fix itself upon a jump and jumped into a sector with enemies.. well.. it did not fix itself. The reenergizer aux ship was not under fire, but the other one and the main one were. So, the enemies destroyed the another aux ship in a flash and the main one only survived because it was the second to be attacked and had more HP. The beams failed to target and reenergize 100% of cases. So I was very sad. Then I quit the game, closed the app and entered it again - that fixed the issue. So, apparently, there's some state stored for turrets that persists even on a weapon change, i.e. the state is stored for the mounts, which can become corrupted and break targeting completely... please take a look at it. Not he most often thing that happened, but the strength of the bug is big.

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