Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

48. Just had a situation! Started a hard game with Nightingale, bought 1 bolter fighter bay and went for a walk around. Soon I came to an edge of a system with 4 fighters. My two drones went after one of them and chased it to somewhere in the middle of the map, the other 3 fighters closing in on my capital ship. So, the bolter drones destroyed the fighter and.. continued to circle around that spot! Far from the main ship! At this time the remaining enemy fighters were punching the carrier. I waited for like 10 seconds and without seeing any change in my drones behavior and with the hull half down, I warped out. This gave me the fighters back... apparently, there's another targeting/priority bug worth looking into.

49. Had a situation when an enemy ship went very far off the map and fighters went after it. The ship had a reenergizer beam and my fighters were a few.. so I was just sitting and looking at the arrows pointing beyond the map, without any possibility to influence or even see anything actually happening... after a minute or more the fighters finallyk got the ship down and returned, but it was not very fun Smile

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