Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


I kept this post open while playing, to see what came to mind.

I notice that the mega plasma cannon seems handier, now.

Not a fan of time-limited missions. But onnd the other hand, it does introduce a new element . . . but all but the main mission you can circumvent by not taking the mission until you have no other time limits.

Hull drain and environmental hazard sectors show up sometimes, in series, in choke points. This creates a disproportionately difficult gauntlet where you have to fight, take damage from the environment, and can't repair - even the repair turret doesn't seem to work in them. These are especially brutal when they're the chokepoint to a difficult sector like the map end - a tough sector that you go into damaged, and can't retreat from without risking losing ships, even if you AREN'T pursued.

One thing that has bugged me forever - buttons need to respond to TAPS ONLY. I have more than once entered a sector by scrolling the map, and lifting my finger while it's over the 'travel' button. I pause all the time, and accidentally open the map all the time, because I scroll the screen, and my finger lifts from those buttons. Buttons need to respond to taps only, not when they're on the end of a swipe or flick path.

Lastly . . . an "I changed my mind" button would be nice for autotravel, permitting you to stop autotravel at the next sector you enter.

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