Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Not all games we will get to use a crazy new weapon. Even after finishing first default mission to the 3rd one before the last so far in the games I've played max I got for crazy new weapons is 3. But never ones 2. The last hard game I got was 1 only. Plus everything is random from the first attestation game you have. Well that's good. Was thinking if we could suggest more, as in possible ideas of weapons that pops put randomly in different games, will it increase the possibility of us getting more then 2 per game some of us love using different weapons with different effect at the same time. Well I suggest a weapon with the effect of fireworks. Fire it up to a range, it blows up splash damage around the area. But well this means charge time will take longer if it damages alot unless it has a super long range but peanut/small damage.

Anyway I did found another glitch or something other then those I reported earlier.

Was playing hit and run in hard mode and finally I found a hole in the enemy's defence. When I got to the system, I took out 3 enemy ships and there was suppose to be a 4th. Noticed it appears the ship ran from the battle to the top right corner of the screen but i have cleared from my screen I can see I have cleared the map due to scrap and items started to head towards my ship for collection automatically. Basically this problem I noticed is the other way of the fighters flying out of screen problem that was reported and the daughter's one is it will fly to the left side. But this does not even show the ship heading left and is not detected as an enemy as weapons are not firing at the direction but when I go to my map to select a new system to travel to, the enemy ship is clearly still there at the corner right side of the map I'm still in.
Tried flying to another system then checked back on map the ship appears on the bottom left corner. Travel back in expected positioning beside that ship. When arrive here was nothing there. No enemy ship,nothing yet maps still shows it's there

Could be because the game spawned too many enemyships and finally I took out one of the main base when it's about to spawn in the new turn or something.

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