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Is there any way to transfer the progress from on install to another? I recently updated my phone and don't particularly want to start all over again after all the progress I've made.



Yes, but you have to manually transfer the "save" and the "user" files from the folder, where the game is installed on your older device, to the new device install folder of Harbinger.

Installed games should be located in a data/data folder or data/app. You probably need to have a rooted device to be able to access these folders. But if you do find those files and transfer them over to the same Harbinger folder on your new device it sould work.


Why don't you do the save system like in other games?I mean, "related" with players account...I play Heroes Tactics and there has no matter from what device you are entering,just enter your gmail and password and all your progress(money,lvl and ext.) is back.If device "dies" just enter from other and again everything will be back!


We have plans to implement that, but it takes time and resources. Something our small studio don't have much of unfortunately.


Im sorry,didn't know that is so complicated.You are really working hard!Hope in a year this game will become LEGENDARY.This is one of the best projects I ever saw!


@Nikita. No problem! Everything tends to take a lot of work and time and testing when making games. We have now worked over a year on Harbinger, from start to here. Over a year non-stop, no vacations. Nothing. Every day. every day, every day.

But we do it because we want to make the best game! Because we have a dream to make Battlestation something big, little by little.

Your patience is much appreciated, Commander!


I have this same issue. So I copied the whole app file, th fi.bugbyte.harbinger.apk. Do I just paste this into the /data folder on my new phone? Will it be recognized as a valid download/purchase by Google Play, and for further updates? Or will it appear pirated?


@DeusComedis. Honestly, not sure how that really works. To my knowledge the ".apk" file is a zip file. So if you zipped your install folder on your old device, that would contain your progress.

But if you took the ".apk" from your "Downloads" folder, it will be the original, the one you download from Google Play anyway. It will not contain your save game then.

What happens is that you download the ".apk" file from Google Play, and your device then extracts the data in that .apk file to data/data into an install folder. There you will find the "user" and "save" files, moving these to your new device and the install folder on it, your progress will work once again.

So first of all you need to get to the /data/data folder, and then move the "user" and "save" files to the new install folder on your new device. This would otherwise be really simple, but Android makes it hard to access the /data/data folder, you usually have to have a rooted device or perhaps find an app on Google Play that could somehow browse.


@DeusComedis. So the best way would be for you to download the game from Google Play on your new device, and then just copy the "user" and "save" files to the new install folder.

This way it won't appear pirated and it will update like it should.

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