Small Fixes


Just my 2 cents (and adding to the discussion):

1. Game never exits to the main screen, thought it would after losing.
2. Information screen for active/failed missions? I never seem to know what missions are where, don't feel I should have to write them down. I definitely don't want to fly to a planet to attack a huge ship before I'm ready, especially when I thought it was a package pickup. Also, surprised when 'mission failed' appears, but I don't know why.
3. Ship descriptions have hull, shield max, etc.. but I thought they would also list number of bays, number of weapon upgrades, number of ship upgrades. Since I don't know the ships very well, I have to start a new game just to check.
4. The sliding scale for weapons strength, etc... is misleading at times, I always have to compare weapon choices by toggling back and forth and only looking at the numbers. Would be better if I could compare bars. Perhaps scale of bars should be one or two max (1:100 or 1:1000 for example)?
5. Game always resets to Easy, thought it would defer to last played. It would be less of an issue if the game backed out to the main screen, but as is currently, it's too easy to start a new game before realizing that it reset to an Easy game.
6. I'd love to see more story development on the alien races, need for different types of weapons or defenses depending on your enemy in the sector; right now the sector introduction kind of hints at things, but normally I just skip it; doesn't seem relevant to me. Would be a great next level of depth to the game.
7. Experience. Ok, so now I'm at level 14. Woohoo! Maybe buffs, nerfs, bonuses, something to motivate that 'one more game' needed to reach level xx. Now that I've unlocked all the ships, I'm not really worried about getting to the next level.

again, just my 2 cents; love the game so far, looking forward to the Steam version.

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