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Admiral Geezer,

I started up the PC Beta Started it up and I have some suggestions and things I noticed. It looks a lot like the game I've enjoyed on my phone and tablet with some suggestions of interesting improvements, so I'm looking forward to it being easier to play on the PC.

Need a way to change key bindings (and other options) from inside game; it looks like there's a placeholder for this, but clicking the option button does nothing.
Need to be able to control of audio settings inside game.
I Should have the ability to act on a ship without going all the way to screen left and clicking on a tiny button. (E.g. Repair) You can do this with stations, but not with your ship and it doesn't seem to work as I'd expect with enemy ships, (clicking on the enemy ship didn't bring up the circle menu)

At high resolutions there feels like there's too much empty space on ship management screens (I noticed this most in the starmap where I clicked on a system and rather than giving me options there I needed to go all the way across the screen to take action). Engineering may have a similar problem, although less dramatically. Playing at lower resolutions feels better.

I'm not sure what "move camera freely" is supposed to do, but it doesn't make the cursor at the edge move the camera like I feel it should.
Need a way to center camera on ship

You ship, or actually the full fleet, should start selected when you arrive in a system, otherwise the first thing you have to do when arriving in a system is grab your ship so you do something other than sit still.

Upgrade cost not showing up (I see a single green box, but no numbers)

This is for version


A slight update....

Had to stop playing after 9 crashes. I was getting a report from my computer saying I am low on memory and was wondering how this could be. I opened up my device manager and selected process and noticed harbinger was running 25 times at once. How is this possible? I have never had a game do that. I am unaware if this is a normal incident or I just got the bad end of the stick

I am not sure if it is just me or not but, the options button at the main tittle screen does not work. It wont even open, unless I am in game(which by the way can we get a rollover with mouse that says what each option is when we are paused?)

Like others have been saying still dont know what I am paying for a upgrade. Would really like to know so I can balance out my purchases.

Is there a way for us to somehow make it so we can change the resolution in game without exiting to the very beginning?

In regards to experience gain....I did a little test where I spawned in went to the first location I could and died, multiple times. Then I went to many other locations, just like you would in a normal run and when I died I noticed something. The experience I acquired was the same. Is this a normal thing? is the math not working correctly? No matter what I do it takes me about 7 runs roughly to level up. This does not seem correct to me.

Comp specs
Intel core 2quad cpu q6600 @2.4ghz
4gb ddr2 ram
windows 64bit


You can center on your ship by tapping the "1" if you have the ship selected. Double tap if not.

Using the "r" key enables me to repair the selected ship out of combat.

I also see a lot of harbinger.exe instances running, I'd guess about 1 for each time the game have crashed on me.

2 incoming enemies so I waited in the sector. When they emerged the game stopped, the sound stopped. The game did not close down, had to use CTRL + ALT + DEL to get out. First crash of the day, 30 minutes into the game.


Oh, and the Haringer.exe is still listed in my joblist, using 204MB of memory with no active application running.


@Fruitn. Yeah, the application is left running in the background even though it crashes. You can force close it through the task manager. Trying to solve the crashing issues.

@dmsnarf. The options menu is not done Smile And the in-game is the mobile version. Implementing this right now so it should be available in the next update!

Experience gain works but the formula isn't the best. Simply playing on hard gives a lot of experience right now, but of course getting a bit into the game gives more. Will see if we could make it better with some simple tweaks.


Seriously, there are things that infuriate me so much I'd rather play on my cell phone.

PC gamers have powerful tools. Multiple clicks, (left, right, center) accurate and fast cursor placement with a mouse, a scrollwheel. All of these are being mishandled in some way.

Left and right-click with nothing selected is curiously useless. The main interface buttons a user has access to should never, under any circumstances, have no function. This is wasted opportunity. This could easily be the 'all ships move in formation to here' or 'all ships target this ship with [whatever you select on the target wheel]'.

The mousewheel is wildly overresponsive. (It was overresponsive in mobile, too, but I had precise control with a pinch. A mousewheel moves in steps, so here I get min zoom, max zoom, and medium zoom.)

Zoom does not respect the location of the mouse cursor. Zooming in is useless for getting a close look at the action because then you have to pan around at full zoom to find the action. Zoom out centers the cursor on the center of the battlefield. It's EXTREMELY easy to skip past medium zoom, and either go too far in to see anything, or pull so far out that you completely lose your positioning because zooming out centers the camera.


We have updated the PC version. Added options and hopefully the crashing issues are now resolved, but this one we need tested ASAP! So all of you who have had many crashes please give the newest version a go. You know it's the newest version if the options button works Wink

Tutorial is still not fixed, so that will not work properly. What is your general feeling of the 3 tutorial missions? Is there something you would like to have added in tutorial? We don't want to put every little detail there, some things will be left for the player to discover.

Thanks for all the great feedback so far, we are aware of many issues you have stated and will look into most of them. Just keep the feedback coming! Doesn't matter if you repeat or something, don't be afraid to just lay it all out there. This thread works as a check list of sorts.

Fixing zoom next as best as we can!


So far no crashes in 30 minutes of play.


Same - with almost 2 hours of play (an hour with v sync, an hour without).

Love the new volume sliders!!!!! Can this also be implemented in the ESC/Pause screen, please?

Enjoyed the escort mission Smile

Somehow it feels like the game has gotten harder - which isn't a bad thing.




I like the new pause screen with the Options button in it. Though it seems like the volume resets to default when I jump

Also enjoying the new options (zoom speed, scrolling, etc) - very nice! Scrolling and zooming has become more natural.

Will there eventually be facility upgrades that will allow for better engines or quicker jump drive charging?

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