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What the press say

  • Ace Tales is more than just a game, it started with the idea from new company Bugbyte; “What if you could play an entertaining game on your mobile device, and help feed a homeless dog at the same time?”

    - Apps reviewed
  • Bugbyte, a Finnish based gaming company, is developing its latest game, Ace Tales, with a love of animals in mind. The company will donate at least ten percent of their revenue from the game to help homeless dogs. The game is free to play and will be released for the Android and iPhone.

    - Globalanimal.org
  • Daredogs is a great game that a player can easily pick up and understand right off-the-bat, and most fights can take place over just a few minutes, making it a great game to play while on the bus or while waiting in line. The added bonus of having part of your purchase go toward animal relief organizations makes this game particularly worth the time and the money. Don’t be concerned that Daredogs relies too heavily on charity as a cruch, it’s a great game regardless and holds up very well on its own.

    - Tapscape.com
  • Daredogs is a thrilling game that is fun to play and hard to put down. Zipping around the skies shooting at other aircraft is excellent and hugely enjoyable. The way the game introduces various modes of gameplay throughout the is really good and means the game never really feels repetitive or monotonous.

    - Androidtapp.com
  • I really enjoyed playing Daredogs (and that’s despite being more of a ‘cat’ person!) Gameplay is genuinely exciting and fun from the very first round. The differing modes present alternative challenges which make the game feel refreshing each time you play it. You can make in-app purchases of various items and 10% of proceeds will go towards dog charities, which is a lovely thing to see in the Google Play Store.

    - Androidtapp.com
  • Ace Tales gameplay is best described as an “odd couple” style mashup of bullet hell shooters like Sine Mora and power up based arcade games like Donkey Kong. There won’t be any bullets flying around the screen in this game though, at least not in the traditional sense, as players will instead have to use their fingers to guide Ace out of the way of gaseous hot air balloons, squirrels with jetpacks, and a host of other absurdly hilarious adversaries who also want the prize money

    - Supergamedroid.com
  • Set in the same universe as Bugbyte’s previous title Daredogs, Ace Tales is an addicting flying game that feels like Jetpack Joyride on steroids. Players take on the role of veteran fighter pilot Ace as he embarks on his most important mission yet, a perilous flight across the Atlantic that will test every skill the grizzled old canine has ever learned.

    - Supergamedroid.com
  • This currently in development flying game from the Finland based studio has had an ingenious design scheme incorporated into its gameplay that will allow players to donate money to underfunded dog shelters without ever spending a dime. A bonafide game changer, this unique concept takes in-game currency and turns it into a tangible thing with real world implications.

    - Supergamedroid.com