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Current and upcoming Bugbyte games


We are planning and prototyping something completely new. In this Banished/Settlers inspired game you are the sole human on a space station but not alone, with the help of cloning facilities you can create your own work force to take care of various tasks on the station. The new space station is outside a barren planet at the wild sector 57. Your main mission is to build a thriving space station colony, able to defend itself against space pirates and the like, and giving human forces refuge at sector 57.

You get to design the space station yourself, working towards building a self-sustaining colony that can defend itself. Different types of resources can be gathered from the barren planet near the station with transport shuttles. You need to build but you also have to defend against space pirates and deal with different elements causing damage to the station.

Read more about the new game and follow development here: Click here

Battlestation: Harbinger (Android,iOS, PC) (Released August 2015)


NOW RELEASED. Latest and greatest Battlestation game!

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Battlestation: First Contact (Android,iOS) (Released October 2014)


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Battlestation: First Contact for Android and iOS devices. Battlestation: First Contact is free, with additional episodes available to buy. Enjoy the game!

Battlestation: Classic (Android) (Released May 2014)


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Battlestation: Classic. The first prototype game of the Battlestation series. This is the game that started it all, it was made as a quick prototype but proved to be loved by many already in its early stages.


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