Hyperspace Sickness

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So have any of you had issues with hyperspace sickness?
I've gone through 6 systems without hypersleep chambers, then decided I have enough resources and space to afford to build one for everyone.  So, did that.  But I find that each chamber consumes 1 Energy Rod per intersystem jump.  This seems like a hefty cost.
Now, if I suffered problems from hyperspace sickness, I would just bite the bullet and plan for the chambers or ensuing sickness.
But the thing is, thus far I have encountered no problems from jumping without hypersleep chambers.
I was doing a lot of ship renovations in the last system, so my Energy Rods were starting to run low.  If I don't need hypersleep chambers, I will stop supplying them Energy Rods until I do.  Or I may even scrap them.  Probably not, since I have the space reserved for them already.  This is what it has come down to.

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