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  Codes in saved games
Posted by: Choroman - 01-14-2020, 10:40 AM - Replies (3)

Thanks for this great game. I hope you guy manage to finish it!

I have a question. I was trying to edit my crew's suits via saved games. I know that 'ssh' are shirt colours and 'sh' is the persons skin. While 'shirtSet' are the main suit type groups. I was trying to use the regular player shirtsets to find white, grey or black shirts, but I could not find them Sad  Do you know the codes for the white grey or black shirts in the default player sets, which I guess are: pantsSet="1854" shirtSet="1852"?

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  The UI update suggestions
Posted by: Ailab - 12-31-2019, 02:29 PM - Replies (8)

I've collected a lot of suggestions again Smile
-in the UI there is an option to quickly select a crewmember. This is a very good option! I think: it would be better if there were one or two more button on the UI of the selected crewmember: to center the crewmember (like in the crewmember-management page)
-an easy accessible button to center your ship
-I dont't know whether the darkness has an affect on the working. If not, I recommend to be a small negative effect
-the crewmembers should be able to carry each other if the other is unconcious (to save him from the bugs or to carry him to the medical bed)
-I think that trading without communicating is... unrealistic. I recommend that the offer and the want window at the trading must be empty until we or the other faction propose the trading
-Why can't we claim a ship of another faction or a derelict?
-the game would be more 'colorfull' if there were the risk of an epidemy. So the player must make quarantine and an increased health care about the infected crewmembers. The origin of the epidemy can be a corpse on the floor or an ill crewmember or every looted food with a low chance.
-the top of the ship will be visible in tactic mode?
-it would be comfortable if there where a yellow warning label on the right if there is a drafted man or shoutle anywhere
-I recommend a hardcore mode: there can be only one save about that gameplay. So the player can't be make a new save about that gameplay, only the last save can be overwrite. Therefore the player must play on with the losses.
-Will be missions in the game? Wink
-There are many UI overlap bugs: If two UI window overlaps The mouse click go to the lower layer not to the upper...

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  DevBlog #33 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 12-19-2019, 12:38 PM - No Replies

[Image: eZW4siF.png]


We've arrived at the end of the year and it's once again time to head out to take a little break and celebrate Christmas and New Year replenishing our strength for the coming year, 2020.

This year was special to us. It's hard to fathom that it has already been well over 7 years since we started on our journey to create games. A lot has happened in that time, a lot of hardships and disappointments, but also successes that kept us alive to fight another day. We're very grateful to still be alive as an indie studio to this day.

Being a game developer is wonderful because you get to bring fantasies to life, and create experiences and emotions for others playing your creation. If you were to ask what brings a game developer great joy it's usually seeing players talk and react to your game. In a positive way of course =) Seeing someone bash your creation can feel devastating and demoralizing, but the best way to react is to try to understand what's wrong and improve from there.

We never intended or planned for Space Haven to be such a long project, just some odd months more and we're at the 4 year mark. 4 years! A lot can happen in 4 years, like suddenly having to wear glasses to see. So what happened? Well, the usual thing happened. We envisioned a game, started creating it and as the years rolled by we realized we weren't building a house, we were building a very big castle. And castles take a lot of time to build!

If we've had spent less time on Space Haven then Space Haven would not be the game it is today, it would be an entirely different game. And very likely not as enjoyable. See, that's what happens when you work on a game. You realize it needs more, that it's not yet enough. So you keep working on it, crafting it day by day hoping one day it's something special. Like a big castle ready to house many people.

It's been amazing to see the power of a supporting community. Just when we thought our castle would remain unfinished as nothing but a solid foundation for something magnificent, you came to our aid with your wheel barrows and shovels! You gave us the means to continue crafting our castle that is Space Haven. One of our game developer dreams was to have a successful Kickstarter one day, one of those Kickstarters that make other game developers use it as an example of what's possible. It happened, and you made it possible =)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making one of our game developer dreams come true. Thank you for supporting us and enabling us to continue crafting Space Haven, the big castle we want to share with you. 2020 is going to be yet another big year, hopefully you are with us then too!

[Image: UiBzEy2.jpg]

Now for some more merry news. As mentioned previously we decided to participate in the Yogscast Jingle Jam with one of our previous games, Battlevoid: Harbinger.

In return, the Yogscast promised to give Space Haven a go in their Jingle Jam streams and show it to their community. (NOTE! Space Haven is not part of the bundle) It was so exciting watching them play, they seemed to love the game and have a lot of fun with it. If you missed it don't worry, you can watch the whole video of them playing below:

Our goal is to officially release Space Haven as a solid Early Access version next year (PC/Mac/Linux), once we feel we are ready and find a good time frame. We will of course notify you closer to release. This means that right as the game is officially released you beloved backers, who are still waiting to play, will also get access. Once in Early Access, we will continue hammering away on the game update by update.

If you want to do something in a merry Christmas spirit to help us you can simply share the Yogscast video with a friend, or let your favorite streamer know that Space Haven is starting to become really solid and they should totally play it =)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2020 =)

- The Bugbyte Team

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  battling Bugs
Posted by: [email protected] - 12-06-2019, 02:26 AM - Replies (2)

Greeting everyone,

This game has the makings of a winner!!!!! Can someone please help? I'm still in the 1st scenario and trying to take over a derelict ship but can't take out the bugs. I keep get made into bug food.

Any ideas, tips, tricks or suggetions.

Thanks much

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  DevBlog #32 - Space Haven Alpha 5 - The Cool UI Update.
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 11-27-2019, 01:43 PM - No Replies

Greetings, Spacefarers.

Christmas is closing in and so is the Yogscast Jingle Jam! We have decided to join the Jingle Jam Bundle this year, with one of our older games Battlevoid: Harbinger. All the proceeds of the bundle go to charity! We try to do something charitable every year, even if it something small. Part of the fun of having some success is the ability to give back! =)

Additionally, the Yogscast crew has promised to play Space Haven in their stream, and we're really excited to see that. This will be a great opportunity for you to see the current state of Space Haven, and do check out their Jingle Jam streams throughout the whole of December!

We've been working on improving the user-interface the past month, to support you on your journey through space. Step-by-step the UI is improving, making everything more intuitive and valuable information more accessible.

The Yogscast plan on covering Space Haven on the 14th sometime between 11am-2pm GMT, be sure to tune in and watch them play then!

[Image: ylmfm5Q.jpg]

Moving things around, improving and adding some stuff and sprinkling it with some new features. Above is a screenshot of how the UI looks now. We've rearranged things a bit to allow for the possibility to show more resources in the top bar with a customizable window. Crew members are also shown at the top and how many are shown can be customized. We've added a development progress bar to the main menu, giving a very rough estimate of when a next update could arrive.

[Image: 4hLCJuh.jpg]

Customizable resource window in the top bar of the user interface. You can play with your own desired setting. If you want to see a lot of resources on the screen at all times you can keep the resource window large. If you don't, just keep it small =)

[Image: nD05ZHv.jpg]

Crew members are now shown at the top part of the user interface. You can also customize how many crew members you want to see at a time with a drop-down list. Various elements, such as mineable asteroids, derelict ships and spaceships belonging to other factions are shown in their own part of the UI.

[Image: UB8mhxI.gif]

Spaceships and stations now have roofs! And you can see them. This is the beginnings for being able to add cool stuff on the roof, like turrets, shields and solar panels.

Some other cool new UI features:
  • Big notifications for important events.
  • A much requested even faster game speed option.
  • The game clock has also been refined.
  • The game clock has also been refined.
  • Bind objects to groups using ctrl+(0-9).
Furthermore, we added a log to the game, giving that nice little touch to creating a story. Want to know that Pete got the "shat pants" condition? No? Well, you will know anyway.

[Image: DDhWG4G.gif]

We have also started working on ship-to-ship combat, which is also why the UI needed some redesigning to be able to support and show valuable information related to ship-to-ship battles. Christmas is closing in fast, we're not sure if we can manage a beginnings of ship-to-ship combat update before it but we will try. We will see how it goes =)

How to Update

If you're an Alpha backer or higher you can now update the game either through the in-game update mechanism or through the Bugbyte redeem site:
  • Method 1: You can use the in-game update mechanism. Launch the game and go to main menu and click Update! (You need to be logged in to Cloud with your account you used to redeem your Reward Code)
  • Method 2: Navigate to the Bugbyte redeem site and log-in with your account (Created when you redeemed the Reward Code) to grab the newest build:

We will most likely be Quick Patching the game in the coming days, so be sure to check out the in-game news section frequently.

If you're not an Alpha tier backer don't worry, we are once again one step closer to Steam Early Access, which is when we will send out access also to Crew Member backers!

[Image: pXq1Uwr.jpg]

We love to hear from you guys so don't hesitate to come have a chat with us =) You can connect with us from through the channels below:

We also have our mailing list which is great for keeping up to date with important news:

Need help with something? Send us an e-mail and we'll help you at: [email protected]

[Image: uH1okBW.png]

Wishlist on Steam!

Be sure to wishlist Space Haven on Steam and GOG, to be notified of release =)

Full list of patch notes
  • User interface updated.
  • Spaceships now have roofs! And you can see them.
  • Tweaked default surrender rate from 10% to 0%.
  • Improved notification texts.
  • New upcoming version feature in main menu.
  • Names in credits are now alphabetical.
  • Improved construct job placement, builders will no longer wall themselves in a corner so easily.
  • Removed "set default trade" on airlocks and added "allow trade" instead. You can now have many airlocks and do multiple trades if possible (npc needs multiple airlocks or different ships).
  • A new community section in the main menu of the game.
  • Start resources increased for the sandbox scenario.
  • Derelict ships are now less populated by the big alien creature, relieving the frustration which was caused by them spawning too frequently.
  • You can now bind to groups using ctrl+(0-9).
  • There is now an even faster speed setting. Shortcut keys for speed renamed to accommodate for this change.
  • Fixed a bug with saving sectors.
  • Fixed a crash when a trait had a missing text.
  • Fixed bugs.

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  Independent teams
Posted by: danzig70 - 11-06-2019, 01:42 AM - Replies (1)

Would it be possible in future updates to be able to be able to control separate ships and/or bases? For instance, the ability to have a ship hyperspace jump to other systems while other team members inhabit a base. In the original release it was possible to leave ships behind if the crew members were in hibernation, but I believe they became "lost" and couldn't be further interacted with if one tried to return to it. In the newest release it does not seem possible to build hibernation pods to test if it were possible to control different teams in different locations. I can see the logic with not being able to leave a ship behind without crew members in hibernation, but I view bases as different (more permanent). Not a game breaker, just a desired feature.

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