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  DevBlog #38 - Space Haven Early Access Release and Alpha 9 Progress Report.
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 07-06-2020, 01:00 PM - No Replies

[Image: 2506754bd2187d8a1b69cb9a2451d5a3_origina...9f77859f0e]

We're super happy with how the Early Access release has gone. It has been a very stressful time, with the release day being especially stressful. Things always seem to happen at the last moment, we found some bugs and got frantic, there were some obstacles and panic moments but it all worked out in the end.

Space Haven soared like a rocket at release and was within the top three global top sellers within an hour of release. It stayed there for all of its first day, and within top 10 probably the first week. All in all the game is definitely a success and we're so happy to finally succeed well enough to stabilize our indie company after 8 years of constant financial struggle.

We want to thank you for being there with us and for all the support we have received. It means a ton to us and the Kickstarter success enabled us to take the game to a point it needed to be at Early Access release. Space Haven is now released as Early Access and we're so relieved to see the game getting a good response from players. It has been a lot of hard work, many years of hard work.

With many updates already pushed for Alpha 8 in the past 6 weeks we have now had some time to start on a new Alpha iteration! Here's an update on what we've been working on for the upcoming Alpha 9 so far.

[Image: c6623c4b846560a907624a0f4b45f6d6_origina...fb38139591]

We've been working on the first new features for the upcoming Alpha 9 update, and it is time to show what we've been able to produce so far! We're introducing Space Hazards and since one of the hazards affect crew members directly we found a good opportunity to add some new implementations towards adding a bit more depth to characters as well.

Space Hazards we're currently working on:

  • Solar Flares
  • Micrometeoroids
  • Siren Worlds

[Image: 02f6f8e51d685c19492c9b27ef148686_origina...dc1ca4a054]

Space Hazards are represented with icons on top of sectors in the starmap. This will allow you to see what you are getting yourself in to =)

Solar Flares

[Image: ea43aaae6cf7972d33a536fd619cad17_origina...4843c895d7]
Holy crap! What's going on here.

Solar flares overload your power nodes, possibly damaging them and cutting your power transfer short to a part of your ship. Fires can also break out, which means it is important to have some crew members on board the ship at all times.


[Image: 2851bf0c3a7d14db45cbb4a9c63bc464_origina...d8f095872d]
Watch your head, Charley!

Micrometeoroids rain down on your ship constantly while you're in a sector where they are present. Shields will mitigate their negative effects to a degree as long as they stay up. Mining pods can be struck by the meteoroids, causing a concussion condition for the crew member inside and possibly damaging the mining pod.

Micro breaches

[Image: faa781bda7af4a52a064953b993a85c9_origina...dd75a65df1]

We have also implemented so called micro breaches. Micro breaches are smaller hull breaches, not fully tearing the hull open but causing small cracks which cause depressurization. Micrometeoroids and certain turrets may cause these as they hit the ship hull. These micro hull breaches can be repaired by your crew members with their construction guns.

Siren Worlds

[Image: b42f0708b48957dcb8f07eabc53a0f00_origina...730af1ea2a]
Jet has lost his mind, or really hates his bed.

Siren Worlds are peculiar planets whose strange signals mess with the mind. These signals will periodically cause your crew members to act in a strange manner, ranging from aggressive behavior to staring at walls. Be alert when staying in these sectors, as your crew members might do something you don't want them to do.

The signals from the Siren World may result in crew members getting conditions like the urge for destruction, effectively making them a saboteur starting fires on board your ship. Other examples are insomnia and loss of appetite, causing tiredness and hunger among your crew members. Aggressive behavior might also occur and your crew members might start fighting each other.

Crew fights

[Image: 168ab7eb3eae9c38cc588b31973b2c46_origina...0c958a135c]

Crew members can now start fights among each other if they get irritated enough. The chance for a fight to occur is based on various factors, such as overall mood and food status. If the crew member has a low overall mood and is also hungry on top of that they are more prone to become really irritated at someone.

Fighting causes some health damage, but crew members do not aim to kill each other. However, this could happen in some very rare instances where one of the crew members just happens to have very low health to begin with when the fight starts. Once they've let out enough steam they stop and go about their business.

As you can see not only does the implementations for the Siren World effects result in some cool new events, they also enable us to add a bit more depth to the crew members.

Final notes

This is the stuff we've been working on for Alpha 9 so far. However, even if there's graphical representation of new features it doesn't always mean they are completely implemented and ready to go. Additionally, we still have some more features we want to include in Alpha 9 and will update you on the progress in a few weeks again!

Stay tuned for the next update and check out the community highlights below!

[Image: 87d3ce012e2efabbcca7999f1838d260_origina...734b809dc0]
Mean looking ship by cameronsabin82

[Image: d59a2a34a80fe0f1aad89abe38013c71_origina...7fc6bda853]
New Hope MK II by Dae

[Image: c4f703a4d6f84dd444c44a11e6d7bceb_origina...44f3f82404]
SSV Normandy SR-1 by LocoOne85

[Image: 12d4b1f64afa71deb84561cf6a3a69f2_origina...c397f580e4]
Fleet by Kreistor

[Image: 5dc9cdc95496c39dfdb43756721557bd_origina...4be7cc44b3]
Fan art by Becca. Neat looking mining pod!

[Image: 646e5fad0ff93507ea94f18cfef3e7a6_origina...8ab194c822]
You entered the wrong ship, Pirates! Fan art by Lulu Skorobogatov

If you want a chance to get your own ship in the updates post them in our Discord server #screenshots-and-videos channel, or on Steam! =)

Join Space Haven Discord:
Technical Support:
Space Haven subreddit:

Thanks for reading and see you again in the next update!

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Posted by: Fedor - 07-02-2020, 10:13 AM - Replies (2)

Is there any plans for a ironman mode?

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  Manual log for sectors map
Posted by: Nadarian - 06-29-2020, 01:11 PM - Replies (1)

Hi there!

During my first playthrough, I'm missing the option of being able to make a manual log for every sector you visit. This way, when traveling between sectors, you could write reminders about scavenged or non scavenged derelict ships, about asteroids almost fully mined... so if you rushed a few sectors to find energy minerals or something like that, you could easily know what sectors still have potential for you to come back.

Could be a manual log, or could be automated so you know what's left of interest in sectors that have already been visited!

Anyway, let me say THANK YOU for the work you're doing.This game has instantly become my fav of the year!

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  New player.
Posted by: Viscera - 06-29-2020, 07:45 AM - Replies (5)

After seeing the small sale on steam, I picked the game up at the weekend, on saturday morning. 
I then proceeded to mess about, building lots of random stuff and just trying to learn some stuff and following the guided plan a bit. 
Basics are sort of in place now, and looking to try a proper work through over the coming week ahead. 
I seem to have got a vague feel for mining, but cannot work out how you get crew to go to the derelict ship. Is that something that pops up later? 
Crew interface seems to be my biggest hardship atm, there is a lot going on there to work out. 
Supplys are my other issue... Trying to work out what i have, and how i can get more is not jumping out at me just yet. 
Enjoying myself so far, and looking forward to actually working out a working starter ship to explore a little more.

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  Better priority system
Posted by: somabva - 06-28-2020, 04:47 AM - Replies (1)

Are there already plans in place to let you give your facilities and logistics pads levels of priority? My crew are remarkably bad at picking tasks that are vital to keeping them alive, and while the new logistics priority functions are useful, they don't fix the core issues.
For example, my ship has one energy rod left. The crew member who has industry as their top priority... ignores this need and cheerfully makes fertilizer and circuit boards until the ship loses power and everyone dies. You can certainly make the logistics of that machine priority 1, but a full hopper does not actually make a crew member carry out the industrial task. Even manually assigning someone a work task will not guarantee they'll actually immediately go do that task - they'll all die in the cold void but at least they got a good night's sleep.
It would be great to be able to give each specific facility a general priority level, so that the logistics and functional tasks of that facility will take priority over other, lower priority tasks. Empty the airlock logistic pad before worrying about the compost logistic pad, for example. Feed power sticks to the generators before operating the circuit board machine. It would also be great to set a 'crisis' priority that would make everyone drop everything and support that task until it's caught up. The priority and crew tasking style of 'Oxygen Not Included' comes immediately to mind.

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  couple of bugs with ship combat
Posted by: tarzool - 06-27-2020, 12:37 PM - No Replies

1. The crew selection doesn't work right when any of the crew in that selection is in a shuttle/pod. What it does is selects the ones you CAN select, always leading me to thinking i just had a group of 3, or someone died while i wasn't watching. Don't think you can even assign someone in a pod/shuttle to a group.

2. Friendly factions will often hack your shuttle to dock on a ship your docked too, for whatever reason. Often that shuttle wont move after. So your guys get trapped on that ship till there idiot pick up what ever rng food plate they want and leave. Thats all well and good till you see its 10 charger aliens and you need to bugger off.. but now can't

3. A few times i have had alien, on an adjacent tile but passed a door (to the right or left) attack me and i could not shoot them. Im guessing due to non-destructable objects next to them, or the door. My guy shoots but they take no damage, which is impossible given how shotgun pellets work. I often have to move back or forward to compensate.

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