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  Thoughts for improvement
Posted by: Scott - 04-12-2018, 02:23 PM - Replies (3)

A few 'quality of life' improvements that should be easy to implement:

  • Date (maybe time) stamp on saved files. I went back after not playing for a while and wasn't sure which was my most recent game.
  • Show all ships in 'unlock new things screen' for ease of comparison. Most people won't have the specs memorized so being able to toggle between the ship you usually use and one to potentially unlock would be helpful.
  • Show prices in the 'unlock new things screen'. I realize price may vary by difficulty, but it's frustrating to unlock something only to realize later that it is so expense you probably will never use it.
  • Let my 'Saved' ship designs persist across sectors. It's annoying to have build a each ship step by step every sector when I am largely reusing the exact same ships. (With some method to delete saved designs so they are there forever if you change your mind on a design)
  • Let me 'build' ship weapons while the ship is being 'recruited'. I have on several occasions gotten distracted elsewhere in the sector while a ship was being 'recruited' and then sent it off without weapons because I thought I had built it from a 'saved' design (because I had saved that design 10 minutes before in the previous sector) and not an empty hull.
Some prices are weird. For instance:

BSE Avallon ............. Hull 1400 Sh 700 Turret 3 Point 2 Marines 78 Vision 5 - $1600
BSE Harvesterstation Hull 1200 Sh 600 Turret 2 Point 2 Marines 65 Vision 5 - $2000

Avallon is the same or better in every way AND cheaper.

Finally one of the unlock research trees has missiles which is already an unlocked option in weapons?

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  DevBlog #19 - It's starting to look like an amazing game!
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 04-11-2018, 10:08 AM - Replies (19)

[Image: YFbRjkv.jpg]

Time to give you an update on what we've been working on the past month. We put emphasis on improving the user interface, since many of the game play elements really started needing it. We're working hard towards a "first early version" of the game. Everything we do is with that goal in mind. We have been tackling one problem at a time, and one by one we are able to solve them.

Above is a screenshot of our new user interface, it's looking pretty slick we think! Hope you like it too and it makes you wanna click on things and watch things move. Like a real game!

[Image: XQwDBba.gif]

We've had one bigger problem for a long time. Linking resource usage to hull expansion. Our resource system was initially based on building blocks, meaning all facilities, walls etc. usually needed 1 or more blocks to be built. When playing the game we realized we had made a mistake. It started to take a very long time for the characters to haul building blocks everywhere, too much time. We had to redo the system a bit, to allow us to set custom material costs for elements to be built.

The hull expansion was still a problem since we needed some way for 1 block to be transformed into many tiles of hull, otherwise the hauling would take much much longer than actually building something. Fortunately the mining pods was our answer, and it makes more sense for them to take care of expanding the ship hull. Mining pods can now be loaded with a building block and enables it to build some 10 tiles at a time before having to return to load up with more building materials.

[Image: qcQgxWz.gif]

Since we were already working on the mining pods we decided to finish their build and mining animations. Really happy with the result! Look at them go, mining that asteroid for all that it has. Hey, we're really going to need all those resources so don't leave anything behind!

[Image: F50HUaT.jpg]

We have also been working on a notification and objective system. These notes will pop up to help you get started in the game and will notify you when something is going wrong. Will be really important to guide the player to understand the game better!

[Image: aS7EiMg.jpg]

Another screenshot of the user interface. Oh right, characters have their own inventory system. You can equip them with weapons or other items you find aboard ships!

[Image: YJ4f6YV.jpg]

Above is a screenshot of the tile based gas system. You can see the different view modes down to the right, currently oxygen is selected. Apparently this ship has low oxygen in a small room, where the core is. It's recommended to build walls around the core and other refinery facilities. They heat up a lot and some produce hazardous gases. Seal them off and equip the room with a spacesuit door to allow crew members to work safely near it.

[Image: HxYB0Q2.jpg]

The crew job management system. You can assign your crew members to take care of various things. This menu needs a little polish still but it's working well!

[Image: 5Fje0kz.gif]

Arnie has some lunch and his stomach starts to grumble. Straight off to the toilet he goes! Ever seen anybody do his business so fast? Didn't even pull down his pants!

When will the game be released?

The game is really coming together now! I hope you can see the progress and want to thank you for your patience. Some of you have been following development of Space Haven since the beginning, I believe that's some 2 years now since we started.

I can't say any exact dates yet, because we simply don't know when the game will be good enough. We want to do things right, and not rush out an incomplete package and have years of work go down the drain. The future of our company hangs on this game, if it fails we are in dire shape. Once again, heh!

Also, any type of release of a game is also much more complicated than simply releasing it once it is done. Things we need to consider:
  • Is the time of the year right for an indie game release? For example, releasing on Christmas and fighting for visibility against all AAA games is pretty much suicide. Releasing when some big gaming event like E3 is going on is not good. What other games are being released, do we have a chance with Youtubers for visibility at that point?
  • If we do a Kickstarter, is the time of the year right? Same type of things apply as in above statement.
  • Has the game been tested enough and bugs ironed out?
  • Is there a Steam sale going on on that date, or has there just been one recently?

As you can see, the best opportunities to release a game for indies are limited to certain times of a year. Best being around February - May and August - October.

To give you some kind of time frame my best guess would be towards the end of this year or early next year.

[Image: vE65ngy.gif]

How can I help?

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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Smile Has anyone played Space Borders Alien Encounter?
Posted by: martyhsu - 04-07-2018, 12:32 PM - Replies (1)

I first played Space Border Alien Encounter and FTL, I loved these game back in 2014/5, so I searched similar game and found Battlevoid. I also enjoyed a lot, so if Space Boarder can inspire further to the make of this Space Haven, I'd really love to see it. [Image: smile.png]

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  Bug Report: Marines capturable.
Posted by: joe1512 - 03-22-2018, 04:27 PM - Replies (4)

Shilliea gained the ability to use the Capture Ray as part of the ongoing effort to hand out new techs to various species to help differentiate them.

A side effect of this is likely unintended and is very not intuitive.   YOUR marines can be "captured" by a Shillea ship that happens to have a capture ray equipped which will of course turn them back around on you.  Your ships will then destroy it, but it looks like the marines "bounced off" the enemy ship and is rather confusing.

ENEMY marines are actual "ships" with shields and a single weapon port, so they are immune to your capture ray, as one would expect.   But, your marines are still considered "fighter" class with no shields and no weapons, so they are targetable by the capture ray.

If a new release ever gets worked, please add this to the ToDo list.  Theres no graceful way that I can see, other than a straight up IF(ship!=marine){do Capture} //else do nothing   type logic so that the ray just fizzles.

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  DevBlog #18 - Space Haven has a home page! And some very cool gifs you want to see.
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 03-13-2018, 04:20 PM - Replies (13)

[Image: n8ppYsL.jpg]


We have spent the past couple of months progressing quite well with Space Haven. We started focusing on game play and right now we're improving the UI to look much better! We have made a lot of progression regarding the AI of characters, they are now acting self-preserving and trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. This really improved game play a fair bit already!

Sorry it is taking so long, but we absolutely have to nail the game play or otherwise all work will be for nothing. There just isn't any room to give out a mediocre game. I know a lot of you must be yearning to know when the game comes out, but I do not have a definite answer yet. I can say that the game is starting to be playable now, we have played it for up to 1 hour already ourselves. It needs more content and more overall improvement though, but we're getting there! I will soon post new screenshots once we get the UI update ready, that will make the game look even better than before.

[Image: 4bx1FcS.gif]
Phyllis, the pilot of a mining pod, arrives to the air lock with resources to unload. Phyllis is going to grab a bite to eat before heading out again.
[Image: iUJesOS.gif]
August, the engineer, loads the core module of a newly captured ship and powers up the ship. Lights flicker as power is distributed to different parts of the ship.
[Image: Cqop3SL.gif]
Ronna goes spacewalking to fetch a mining pod, she then docks it at the spaceship hangar area.
[Image: nQYy1Jp.gif]
Godfrey, the captain, looks busy at the bridge. He's not really busy though, he just wants to avoid heavy lifting at the docking area.

Meanwhile, we spent time to set up a dedicated home page for the game, and also social media channels. So definitely check them out and give your favorite channel a follow below!

And last but not least, check out the cool home page we set up for Space Haven. It has a lot of info about the elements in the game:

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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  DevBlog #17 - Let's expand our ship!
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 01-25-2018, 01:46 PM - Replies (21)

[Image: UmtUJWx.jpg]

We've been working on furthering our building mechanisms this first month of 2018. As we have started to get a better feel for the different systems in our game we have also started to think more about the real core of the game. One thing we knew we wanted to have was the expansion of a ship, being able to expand your base and get more room for new buildings is essential for any good building game! We thought about different approaches to this, but in the end we wanted to try to have it as free as possible and let the player design his own ship from the hull up.

[Image: 1OVsNIf.jpg]

We ran into a pretty tricky problem since being in space means the hull walls should be kept intact when expanding, otherwise very important gases like oxygen and temperature will leak out and kill the crew! Also, in its current state our game differs from Spacebase DF-9 by not having the inner walls be the same as the outer hull walls. Because of this we had some issues but fortunately we managed to solve them. The screenshot above has a small "possible size of ship" - limit, so don't worry about that.

<div style='position:relative;padding-bottom:54%'><iframe src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='100%' height='100%' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0' allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Check out the short video above of how a ship hull is expanded by its crew! (Might take a little while for the video to start playing, or try clicking on video)

Expansion of hull now works like this:

  • You are free to expand your ship hull as you wish by using a tile based view mode.
  • You can drag a new area to be hull.
  • Your crew members will take a building block with them and go through the air lock with space suits and jet packs to build the new hull block by block.
  • The hull wall is expanded outward as enough blocks are completed to create a new space.
  • Your crew members will finish by cleaning up the scaffolding boxes placed when building the new hull section.
  • You are now free to build new facilities in the new space!

<div style='position:relative;padding-bottom:54%'><iframe src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='100%' height='100%' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0' allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

All of this means that you will be able to build ships of all kinds of shapes and forms, making them as wonky as you might want or as realistic to a real space ship as you want. It's up to you. Obviously we have in mind that a lot of building decisions would come from the mechanics happening inside the ship, the gas/temperature etc. simulations and how facilities need certain conditions to operate optimally.

Graphics, animations and functionality is still a bit unpolished so expect it to become even better! We haven't yet had time to make some type of building tool for the characters, so now they are simply tinkering with their hands in the air to build something.

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='880' height='464' allowfullscreen></iframe>

Above is some bonus footage. We have also started to work on some animations for our facilities. Just some small animations to make the insides of the ship look more alive!

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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