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  Do crewmembers ever "level up"? And how to make friends?
Posted by: nicosomething - Yesterday, 07:03 PM - Replies (1)

Okay, I have a ship where my people haven't been eaten by spider-monsters or died of starvation! Woo!

Do they ever get better in their skills? Do I need to allocate points at some time? 

Also, how do you gain allies from factions? I have met one other crew and figured out how to trade, but at the time didn't have anything to really work with. Is trading how you build allies?

I am definitely enjoying the game and the direction it's going in.

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  Sleeping and time skip
Posted by: Flo.Fails - Yesterday, 06:04 PM - Replies (1)

Howdy all,

Just downloaded the ALPHA build and spent some cycles fudging my way through to build up a ship. Besides some minor crashes I can say I've been amazed what a robust game this is thus far. 

Now before we continue, I must state that I understand you can adjust individual crew sleep schedules.

I like having all my crew rest up at the same time, get their block of free time, and then begin the new day with a flurry of progress. I just wish there was either a "fast forward until all crew members rested" or a "WARP SPEED" time option where you could add triggers for events when it would change back to normal speed.

Some might call this minor and I would agree with you. I'm sure the team has a lot more on their schedule to knock out, but it'd be nice to see an option like this in the game's final form.

Also, queuing up in the bathroom and having chats in space is humorous and fully allowed in my ship. Just hope HR understands the crew and how close they've all become.

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  Kyle is so alone
Posted by: Sunnray - Yesterday, 04:53 PM - Replies (1)

Going to restart since I'm down to 1 crew member. Wondering if I should replay Scenario 1 or jump into Scenario 2. I think I've built everything and covered 4 star systems. Only unlocked 4 log entries.

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Posted by: Merana33 - Yesterday, 02:18 PM - Replies (2)

So, I figured out how to set up a trade with an NPC ship, my half of the trade is loaded into the airlock, but nothing ever happens beyond that. Shuttle doesn't pick up/transfer supplies. NPC often ends up jumping out without the trade ever completing. Am I supposed to do something specific, or is this a bug?

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  Down to one crew member
Posted by: Sunnray - 04-21-2019, 03:38 AM - Replies (1)

Is there a chance of gaining new crew members? Down to one guy. Just jumped into 2nd star system.

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  Grow bed plant
Posted by: ivanmadness97 - 04-20-2019, 01:54 PM - Replies (3)

I was wondering if direct lighting with a wall light pointing towards the grow bed affected product growth. Can anyone confirm this?

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