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  DevBlog #21 - Discord, Composer, Aliens and awesome new screenshots and gifs.
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 08-10-2018, 11:41 AM - Replies (8)

[Image: SXNAzPY.gif]


Over two years of full-time development with our 3-man indie team! The game is progressing and coming together. This is by far the most exciting and challenging game project we have worked on. From the isometric 2D view to modeling character AI and mood, this game has pushed us to the limit but we are determined to bring it alive.

Bugbyte now has a Discord server. Want to chat with us? Now you can!
[Image: njRQNNi.jpg]
First, we have a Discord server up and running. Below is a step-by-step process to make that happen if you aren't familiar with Discord. Discord is fun, and it's a growing text and voice chat application. We post screenshots and gifs there often and you can ask us questions. We will try to pop in every week or even a few times a week to answer your questions and have a chat with you. Hopefully we will see you there!

Step-by-step process to join us on Discord:

[*]Download the Discord chat application here:
[*]Launch the application and create an account.
[*]Click on this link to join our channel:
[*]Chat with us!

Space Haven has a music and sound composer. Say welcome to Paul Zimmermann!

[Image: DWDpRxC.gif]

Enjoy "Nebula Signals" by Paul Zimmermann below!
<iframe width="300" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
We decided it's time to start looking for a composer for Space Haven, we wanted to find someone who shares our passion to make Space Haven something great. So we posted an ad on Reddit and composers swarmed in ready to show their talent. The audition lasted for 2 weeks and after composers had made their demo tracks we were left with going through the submissions and choosing who could be the best fit for our team. The decision wasn't easy, there are many great composers out there, and it's not easy for them. So we wanted everyone to win, but we can only choose one.

In the end, a fellow by the name of Paul Zimmermann created this demo track for Space Haven and we like it the most (You can listen to the track a bit up under the hyperspace gif). Want to say welcome and chat with Paul? You can do that on the Discord server too! He can be found on the server by the name of "pzcomposer".

[Image: paul-pic02.jpg?1525885366]

Follow Bugbyte creator page on Steam to be notified of Steam release!
[Image: 52h59pM.jpg]
Steam has now made creator pages available for developers. You can follow us there to be pinged every time we release a new game. That's pretty neat! You can follow the creator page by clicking the green "follow" button up top at the page:

Open Creator page directly in Steam:

Open creator page in browser:

Aliens! Newest screenshots and gifs from Space Haven.

We've been working on various areas of the game during the summer. Perhaps one of the more exciting additions is an alien species. Of course there has to be aliens when we are in space! We took inspiration from the alien movies, since we find the concept thrilling. We wanted to make it possible for your characters to become captured by the aliens. You'll be able to do rescue missions to save those poor souls, or you might find a crew member of another ship captured by the aliens when you are exploring. Save him/her and get a new crew member!

[Image: Alu38Zz.jpg]
Oh no! What happened to this poor man? And what is this unrecognizable growth that has taken over this ship. I also hear odd sounds in the vents, better fetch my flashlight and take a look.

[Image: YU6zzf6.jpg]
Picture taken from our graphic artist Matti's screen. Here he is creating a 3D model of one of the alien entities.

[Image: lZyHqeU.jpg]
They never stop spawning! We need reinforcements here. Aurelia and Kody fighting an alien infestation. Will they survive?

[Image: NprTlVJ.gif]
And here you can see them fully implemented in-game in a never-ending gif, ready to attack your characters. Open fire!

[Image: 5Wq6GBR.jpg]
The crew has boarded this abandoned spaceship and found some food and resources they can use. Time to load the shuttle up and head on back home.

Follow Space Haven on your favorite social media channel.

[*] Chat with us on Discord!

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  DevBlog #20 - Characters filled with character! And some other cool stuff.
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 06-05-2018, 08:11 AM - Replies (24)

[Image: eE4bjOI.jpg]

Oh, hello! Long time no see. Sorry for being quiet for a bit longer stretch there. Sometimes when you develop a game a lot of the back-end stuff gets done, which means there isn't much visible to show. We have been working on many things, I have probably forgot some of them. I want to start by showing a really cool screenshot of an asteroid base. We want the universe to be filled with other groups and their ships, but also space stations built to support space exploration. We thought it would be cool if humans decided to build these stations at/on asteroids! Making for cool asteroid bases that you can visit.

[Image: YgrbJJI.jpg]

We've been working on finalizing the user interface, testing that it looks OK on different screen sizes and resolutions. There is still some unpolished work, like polishing the button graphics and what not. However, the bulk of it is done! Above is a screenshot of the ship storage facility. You can build these wherever you like and optimize how you want them to store resources.

[Image: JSdwhyL.jpg]

Above is a screenshot of a grow bed, allowing you to plant fruits, vegetables and more to help sustain your crew aboard the ship. Growing plants will require water and the right environment conditions. It will also require someone who knows what they're doing, otherwise there is a risk that the crop will die!

[Image: gsNgQB0.jpg]

After finishing with the user interface (for now), we jumped into adding some character to our characters! No longer are they mere robots carrying out orders. We have made them much more human, which of course makes things a lot more interesting. We created a fully fledged mood system, which I have to admit is very similar to RimWorld. We like to try to be unique whenever we can, but we really didn't see a better way to do this. It is, however, tailored to Space Haven and has some features that separate it from RimWorld. Much of it is based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This mood system is what steers a lot of the game play and gives the player incentive to evolve and expand, to make the base better.

[Image: zxyalbV.jpg]

Above is a screenshot of the skills and backstory of a character. We came up with the idea to develop some interesting backstory by linking occupation and traits to before and after everything went to hell. So the backstory will show what occupation the character had before the apocalypse, and which traits were revealed when the world collapsed. This combination can create interesting backstories like a character being a police officer but then revealing traits like being a wimp or psychopath after facing the apocalypse. The characters true nature shining through in dire times! Of course the police officer shown above is a very stereotypical police officer, lazy and likes to eat donuts!

[Image: aWK6Pqp.gif]

And finally for some fun stuff! We have also created a speech system to the characters in the game. This will be the way characters interact and actually develop some relationships between each other! We decided to use icons and emoticons, because they will allow for a lot of imagination, while still giving enough of context to know what is going on between characters. Above is the new guy asking if he can join a couple of fellows at the dining table.

[Image: fSKKya1.gif]

A heated discussion takes place when Neal walks up to the guys expressing his concern, Coby hates Neals guts so he immediately puts him in his place. Neal gets sad and Guy finds the whole ordeal very amusing.

How can I help?

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Posted by: Grabin - 05-14-2018, 09:08 AM - Replies (17)

Hi Bugbyte,

I recently fell on your website and I'm very enthusiasm about your game. it looks amazing and I can't wait to try it!

I was thinking about some gameplay ideas. I’m just dropping them here and hope that some of them can be helpful for you.

Events / Games Mechanics:

  • First of all, what’s the idea about the environment/universe? How do we evolve across Space Haven universe? Is the ship traveling system to system or are events coming to us? Is the possibility to land on planets considered? (different biomes, water, gas, earth-like, volcanic, forest…).
  • Presence of stations (Markets to sell/buy supplies, meet PNJ...).
  • Multiple races can be present or if we stay in an only human world, different tribes, clans, corporations can be considered (with a reputation system among them).
  • Possibility to board into other ships (different modes: assault, alliance, business/recruitment…) from shuttles breaking into the hull (attack) or from an airlock (friendly).
  • Rare events can happen. Old alien structures with rare resources (artefacts) but can be dangerous situations. Or ship’s wrecks (in that case, no oxygen in the ship, characters will need a space suit to loot the place).
  • Can the characters go out of the ship? To fix the hull for example? Or loot ship’s wreck mention above.
  • Possibility of a mother station. The ship is a transportation vehicle to travel around the universe. When the ship is back to the mother station both become one unit through one airlock. So technically we display one “bigger”ship. Possibility to expand the base, production…
  • So, comes the question about how to navigate between both? Having a “ship”,”base” buttons (drop-down button for example). When click on it we switch between both, so we can have a live management between both and never break the management (a notification system can help to know what’s happening in both locations).
  • There can be different type of gates in the ship (bulletproof, fire proof, bio-hazard proof, water proof…).
  • Characters can have stats, evolving from their actions (skills maybe).
  • Characters customisation is a must!
  • Having drones to help you to manage basic actions like hauling resources to one place to another, or just clean.
  • The ship can go through asteroid field and can be damage if the protection of the ship is too less.

Having mission:

Through a communications room or by talking to other PNJ we can access to some missions:

  • Transporting legal & illegal supplies.
  • Produce specific objects, resources or material.
  • Find a specific place and loot it.
  • Bounty (kill or make prisoner).
  • Raid.

Tools, Devices & Rooms:

Each rooms can be upgraded by adding components or furniture and will influence the status of the characters. For exemple, adding a shower in the room may make the character happier. That improve the rooms management gameplay. Having a pre-build/non customisable room is to avoid in my opinion. It’s too redundant and we will loose the ship customisation effect. We can have basic room to build and be able to enhance the room should be possible. Or we can define a zone, like room zone, and this zone need some components to be validated (like Theme Hospital)

You can find bellow rooms ideas:
  • Medical support/Surgeon room (to heal and upgrade characters)
  • Kitchen
  • Farming area (produce food and oxygen)
  • Crew rooms (bed, shower, restrooms) (Different type of room depending of the rank)
  • Living room, Community room
  • Cloning room
  • Storage room
  • Control room
  • Energy/Oxygen room (different type of energy possible, combustible, nuclear, alien resources…)
  • Garbage/Recycling room
  • Engine room
  • Jail
  • Armory
  • Decompression airlock (different types)
  • Mining room
  • Production of resources rooms (weapons, food, construction resources…)
  • Scientists room (research for new gameplay elements)
  • Ship’s weapon rooms (need characters to operate them and ammunition specific to the type of weapons, missile for missile launcher for example)
  • Communication room (to communicate with other ships or to trigger event, like decision making events or pure trading)
  • Shield room
  • Safe room (in case of attack, from inside the room we can open all the airlocks or removing the oxygen inside the ships to kill the ennemies)
  • Escape pods room (in case of attack and escape is the last option -> escape pods are back to the mother station. You save your crew and maybe they can haul some of the most important resources with them) but you loose the ship and everything in it. That will bring a good idea to not neglect the base or ship management, or the total opposite, invest everything in a ship and take the risk to loose everything and start from scratch if the ships destroyed.
  • Drones room
  • Spacesuit room/changing room (can be placed before an airlock)
  • smuggling stashes

All the best!

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  Thoughts and suggestions
Posted by: darksage - 05-03-2018, 07:08 AM - Replies (2)

I'm an Amazon Tablet user, having purchased the game from the Play Store and it's my number 1 goto game on the device. Currently I'm close to completing Normal - not yet tried the harder campaigns and I have all unlockables collected.  

Some suggestions on where I'd appreciate changes..
A 5 turret ship, 0 hangars at the 11k mark - there's a gap here. You can get a decent 4 turret + 1 hanger ship for 7200, and around 11k you have multi hangar ships but nothing for the non-hangar based until 15k.
Saving ship designs across playthroughs, so when you select the type of ship you want to build the game provides you a list of buildable blueprints (based on available tech)
More persistent rewards - e.g. either after completing a mission and getting credits, OR based on completing a campaign (with reward amount based on difficulty of the campaign), being able to invest in either upgrades for a tech, or being able to put research points into a tech.
  To be clearer here, upgrades in a tech
    - Having points allocated such that when you start a mission you already have upgrades paid for in a particular tech (e.g. range for the laser point defense). Upgrades available for all technologies that you have unlocked. Perhaps limited so you have to upgrade tier 1 before being allowed to move onto tier 2.
  Put research points into a tech
    - Spend the rewards on either offsetting the research cost for a tech or being able to full research each. E.g. Invest in Fighter 10% speed so it starts at partially completed and takes less time during a mission to complete.
Edit: Perhaps the persistent reward for upgrades or research could be automatic and based on what you invested most heavily in during the mission or campaign - encouraging players to try out new battle plans.

This would encourage multiple playthroughs to earn the persistent rewards.
For those wanting a challenge, also have in the options a setting for the start level of enemies - e.g. give enemies access to tier 2,3, 4 straight away.

Ideally for a campaign the researching and upgrading would persist and be a lot harder. 
So in the first mission I would expect to maybe research 1 or 2 items but when I started the next mission in the campaign I would have access to those 1 or 2 items and be able to keep researching. By the end of the campaign I'd have a lot more options available (ideally not everything, researching should make you focus) but the enemies would also be harder. 

Ship based experience - encourage keeping ships alive by having them get experience for kills which increases accuracy, health, shields, range, fire speed, damage. Once a battle was completed, these ships would stay behind to protect the region rather than move on to your next fight and unbalance it. 
Heroes - having a single hero that you can level up during a campaign and assign to a station or ship to give it a small boost.  When the ship dies the hero escapes in an unkillable pod but loses confidence (experience).

Just some thoughts! Really looking forward to Space Haven, Rimworld is my current favourite PC game and many of the other games that form the Space Haven ideas have been on my regular play list (Loved DF-9 even though it wasn't finished).

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  Thoughts for improvement
Posted by: Scott - 04-12-2018, 02:23 PM - Replies (3)

A few 'quality of life' improvements that should be easy to implement:

  • Date (maybe time) stamp on saved files. I went back after not playing for a while and wasn't sure which was my most recent game.
  • Show all ships in 'unlock new things screen' for ease of comparison. Most people won't have the specs memorized so being able to toggle between the ship you usually use and one to potentially unlock would be helpful.
  • Show prices in the 'unlock new things screen'. I realize price may vary by difficulty, but it's frustrating to unlock something only to realize later that it is so expense you probably will never use it.
  • Let my 'Saved' ship designs persist across sectors. It's annoying to have build a each ship step by step every sector when I am largely reusing the exact same ships. (With some method to delete saved designs so they are there forever if you change your mind on a design)
  • Let me 'build' ship weapons while the ship is being 'recruited'. I have on several occasions gotten distracted elsewhere in the sector while a ship was being 'recruited' and then sent it off without weapons because I thought I had built it from a 'saved' design (because I had saved that design 10 minutes before in the previous sector) and not an empty hull.
Some prices are weird. For instance:

BSE Avallon ............. Hull 1400 Sh 700 Turret 3 Point 2 Marines 78 Vision 5 - $1600
BSE Harvesterstation Hull 1200 Sh 600 Turret 2 Point 2 Marines 65 Vision 5 - $2000

Avallon is the same or better in every way AND cheaper.

Finally one of the unlock research trees has missiles which is already an unlocked option in weapons?

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  DevBlog #19 - It's starting to look like an amazing game!
Posted by: AdmiralGeezer - 04-11-2018, 10:08 AM - Replies (19)

[Image: YFbRjkv.jpg]

Time to give you an update on what we've been working on the past month. We put emphasis on improving the user interface, since many of the game play elements really started needing it. We're working hard towards a "first early version" of the game. Everything we do is with that goal in mind. We have been tackling one problem at a time, and one by one we are able to solve them.

Above is a screenshot of our new user interface, it's looking pretty slick we think! Hope you like it too and it makes you wanna click on things and watch things move. Like a real game!

[Image: XQwDBba.gif]

We've had one bigger problem for a long time. Linking resource usage to hull expansion. Our resource system was initially based on building blocks, meaning all facilities, walls etc. usually needed 1 or more blocks to be built. When playing the game we realized we had made a mistake. It started to take a very long time for the characters to haul building blocks everywhere, too much time. We had to redo the system a bit, to allow us to set custom material costs for elements to be built.

The hull expansion was still a problem since we needed some way for 1 block to be transformed into many tiles of hull, otherwise the hauling would take much much longer than actually building something. Fortunately the mining pods was our answer, and it makes more sense for them to take care of expanding the ship hull. Mining pods can now be loaded with a building block and enables it to build some 10 tiles at a time before having to return to load up with more building materials.

[Image: qcQgxWz.gif]

Since we were already working on the mining pods we decided to finish their build and mining animations. Really happy with the result! Look at them go, mining that asteroid for all that it has. Hey, we're really going to need all those resources so don't leave anything behind!

[Image: F50HUaT.jpg]

We have also been working on a notification and objective system. These notes will pop up to help you get started in the game and will notify you when something is going wrong. Will be really important to guide the player to understand the game better!

[Image: aS7EiMg.jpg]

Another screenshot of the user interface. Oh right, characters have their own inventory system. You can equip them with weapons or other items you find aboard ships!

[Image: YJ4f6YV.jpg]

Above is a screenshot of the tile based gas system. You can see the different view modes down to the right, currently oxygen is selected. Apparently this ship has low oxygen in a small room, where the core is. It's recommended to build walls around the core and other refinery facilities. They heat up a lot and some produce hazardous gases. Seal them off and equip the room with a spacesuit door to allow crew members to work safely near it.

[Image: HxYB0Q2.jpg]

The crew job management system. You can assign your crew members to take care of various things. This menu needs a little polish still but it's working well!

[Image: 5Fje0kz.gif]

Arnie has some lunch and his stomach starts to grumble. Straight off to the toilet he goes! Ever seen anybody do his business so fast? Didn't even pull down his pants!

When will the game be released?

The game is really coming together now! I hope you can see the progress and want to thank you for your patience. Some of you have been following development of Space Haven since the beginning, I believe that's some 2 years now since we started.

I can't say any exact dates yet, because we simply don't know when the game will be good enough. We want to do things right, and not rush out an incomplete package and have years of work go down the drain. The future of our company hangs on this game, if it fails we are in dire shape. Once again, heh!

Also, any type of release of a game is also much more complicated than simply releasing it once it is done. Things we need to consider:
  • Is the time of the year right for an indie game release? For example, releasing on Christmas and fighting for visibility against all AAA games is pretty much suicide. Releasing when some big gaming event like E3 is going on is not good. What other games are being released, do we have a chance with Youtubers for visibility at that point?
  • If we do a Kickstarter, is the time of the year right? Same type of things apply as in above statement.
  • Has the game been tested enough and bugs ironed out?
  • Is there a Steam sale going on on that date, or has there just been one recently?

As you can see, the best opportunities to release a game for indies are limited to certain times of a year. Best being around February - May and August - October.

To give you some kind of time frame my best guess would be towards the end of this year or early next year.

[Image: vE65ngy.gif]

How can I help?

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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