Hi Bugbyte,

I recently fell on your website and I'm very enthusiasm about your game. it looks amazing and I can't wait to try it!

I was thinking about some gameplay ideas. I’m just dropping them here and hope that some of them can be helpful for you.

Events / Games Mechanics:
  • First of all, what’s the idea about the environment/universe? How do we evolve across Space Haven universe? Is the ship traveling system to system or are events coming to us? Is the possibility to land on planets considered? (different biomes, water, gas, earth-like, volcanic, forest…).
  • Presence of stations (Markets to sell/buy supplies, meet PNJ...).
  • Multiple races can be present or if we stay in an only human world, different tribes, clans, corporations can be considered (with a reputation system among them).
  • Possibility to board into other ships (different modes: assault, alliance, business/recruitment…) from shuttles breaking into the hull (attack) or from an airlock (friendly).
  • Rare events can happen. Old alien structures with rare resources (artefacts) but can be dangerous situations. Or ship’s wrecks (in that case, no oxygen in the ship, characters will need a space suit to loot the place).
  • Can the characters go out of the ship? To fix the hull for example? Or loot ship’s wreck mention above.
  • Possibility of a mother station. The ship is a transportation vehicle to travel around the universe. When the ship is back to the mother station both become one unit through one airlock. So technically we display one “bigger”ship. Possibility to expand the base, production…
  • So, comes the question about how to navigate between both? Having a “ship”,”base” buttons (drop-down button for example). When click on it we switch between both, so we can have a live management between both and never break the management (a notification system can help to know what’s happening in both locations).
  • There can be different type of gates in the ship (bulletproof, fire proof, bio-hazard proof, water proof…).
  • Characters can have stats, evolving from their actions (skills maybe).
  • Characters customisation is a must!
  • Having drones to help you to manage basic actions like hauling resources to one place to another, or just clean.
  • The ship can go through asteroid field and can be damage if the protection of the ship is too less.

Having mission:

Through a communications room or by talking to other PNJ we can access to some missions:

  • Transporting legal & illegal supplies.
  • Produce specific objects, resources or material.
  • Find a specific place and loot it.
  • Bounty (kill or make prisoner).
  • Raid.

Tools, Devices & Rooms:

Each rooms can be upgraded by adding components or furniture and will influence the status of the characters. For exemple, adding a shower in the room may make the character happier. That improve the rooms management gameplay. Having a pre-build/non customisable room is to avoid in my opinion. It’s too redundant and we will loose the ship customisation effect. We can have basic room to build and be able to enhance the room should be possible. Or we can define a zone, like room zone, and this zone need some components to be validated (like Theme Hospital)

You can find bellow rooms ideas:
  • Medical support/Surgeon room (to heal and upgrade characters)
  • Kitchen
  • Farming area (produce food and oxygen)
  • Crew rooms (bed, shower, restrooms) (Different type of room depending of the rank)
  • Living room, Community room
  • Cloning room
  • Storage room
  • Control room
  • Energy/Oxygen room (different type of energy possible, combustible, nuclear, alien resources…)
  • Garbage/Recycling room
  • Engine room
  • Jail
  • Armory
  • Decompression airlock (different types)
  • Mining room
  • Production of resources rooms (weapons, food, construction resources…)
  • Scientists room (research for new gameplay elements)
  • Ship’s weapon rooms (need characters to operate them and ammunition specific to the type of weapons, missile for missile launcher for example)
  • Communication room (to communicate with other ships or to trigger event, like decision making events or pure trading)
  • Shield room
  • Safe room (in case of attack, from inside the room we can open all the airlocks or removing the oxygen inside the ships to kill the ennemies)
  • Escape pods room (in case of attack and escape is the last option -> escape pods are back to the mother station. You save your crew and maybe they can haul some of the most important resources with them) but you loose the ship and everything in it. That will bring a good idea to not neglect the base or ship management, or the total opposite, invest everything in a ship and take the risk to loose everything and start from scratch if the ships destroyed.
  • Drones room
  • Spacesuit room/changing room (can be placed before an airlock)
  • smuggling stashes

All the best!


Thank you for the suggestions. We have many of the features that you mentioned in the game. Exploring derelict ships and looting them, very free building of own ship/ships, factions, stations are probably coming, character will have some stats and mood simulations and much more!
You will be able to build a lot of the rooms you mentioned, simply by adding facilities and placing walls as you wish. Even the shape of the ship is up to you. Almost everything in the game is built tile-by-tile, so there is a lot of freedom to shape and build your own ships.

Regarding landing on planets: That is not be possible for now at least. Huge amount of work graphics wise to make it happen, but if the game takes off and helps us stay alive we might do it at some point.

Interacting and trading with other factions will be implemented, and we already have crew-to-crew combat. Although it's not deep at all at the moment but we will do our best to make it as good as it can be.


And one question you maybe mentioned somewhere else. But I saw you planned to release the game on pc and mobile. Do you plan to release both versions in same time or you favor one version to release first? And is a Mac version in your plans?

Yep! Planned platforms are PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. The game should be very playable on tablets, but phones are a big question mark. We will probably get the game working on phones, but since the screens are so tiny that is the limiting factor.
It's just a question of if the game is enjoyable to play on such a small screen, remains to be seen.

We will probably launch the game simultaneously on all platforms.

Sounds good! It's really cool to make a simultaneously release! (usually we have to wait months or years to be able to play on one platform or another)

Thanks for those answers

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