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(06-07-2018, 06:50 PM)Arturius Wrote: Space and asteroid stations should be a great addition to the game, but I am wondering how will they (and our ships) be powered?

Will there be some sort of crystals that you can harvest during travels or maybe we will use more conventional fuel stored in tanks?

Will powering the ship engines be different from powering the ship rooms? (for example crystals for power core and fuel for engines)
Maybe there will be possibility of refining power source (be it fuel or crystals) to be more effective?

Great questions! Ships and stations are currently powered with energy crystals, which can be mined from asteroids and then turned into energy sticks, which in turn are fed to the core module. The core module then produces electricity. We have also thought about adding solar panels at some point.

Ship engines are powered by fuel crystals right now. The resource tree is still a bit open though, it can change quite a bit still.

I think, the solar energy is more realistic (than crystal energy), so it would be the basic energy source. Don't you think also?

So it's possible to have nuclear reactor and power-generating-stationary-bike-which-is-easily-found-in-gyms?

Nuclear reactor is a good idea, and for its usage the player must search and mine plutonium in the asteroids (instead of crystal)
I think, the stationary bike would produce too few to power an entire spaceship

Heh, yes it would be possible to create gym bikes to produce a little electricity! It would be more of a fun little feature though, as the produced energy wouldn't be much.

Or make energy from vegetables or organic dust (e.g. pooh) like in "Back to the future"

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