DevBlog #21 - Discord, Composer, Aliens and awesome new screenshots and gifs.

@Kerman. Thank you! Smile

Everything in the game is 3d model?

@Eriskhal. A lot of it, most of it. Our graphic artist process is to create a 3D model first, then make 2D art from that, finalizing with his own drawn pixels.

What if your crew decided to land on a planet and rebuild civilization, is it possible?

@Eriskhal.. Nope, adding that would probably take 1-2 years of more development time. Depends on what you mean with rebuilding civilization of course.

Oh I just want to play something like Civ Rev 5

The goal of the game isn't the foundation of a new colony? In this game the landing would the end of the game, am I right?


@Eriskhal. That would be quite a different game! If the game is successful we might be able to make some type of light planet landing, depicting a certain small area of the planet. The graphics would have to be drawn, which is a lot of work in itself, and then also solving some problems and of course coding the whole thing Smile But something like that might be doable. A civ 5 game is just another game completely.

@Ailab. Well, something like that yes. That could be one way to give an ending to the game. Home can be a lot of things Smile The ending is still a bit open though, so we will see how it pans out.

Are there other escaping humans in the game, or are we the last ones?

@Ailab. There are other groups in the game that you encounter, all of them trying to survive.

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