Do crewmembers ever "level up"? And how to make friends?


Okay, I have a ship where my people haven't been eaten by spider-monsters or died of starvation! Woo!

Do they ever get better in their skills? Do I need to allocate points at some time? 

Also, how do you gain allies from factions? I have met one other crew and figured out how to trade, but at the time didn't have anything to really work with. Is trading how you build allies?

I am definitely enjoying the game and the direction it's going in.


Hi there!

Crew members don't level up currently, but it's something we have had in mind and will look to implement at some point. Currently you can mostly only trade with other factions ships, more features like ship-to-ship combat and
some type of missions (Helping out another faction with something) will come in the future!


Awesome. Thank you!

By the way, fantastic atmosphere too. I am really enjoying the game and looking forward to seeing it grow.

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