Quick Patch Available - Version 0.3.22

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NEW Quick Patch Available - Version 0.3.22

[version] 0.3.22
  • Fixed growbeds producing way too much oxygen.
  • Artificial meat no longer produces oxygen.
  • Reduced CO2 need for growbeds.
  • Crops now need tending to grow optimally. Untended plants will grow more slowly.
  • Crops can now die from cold or heat.
  • Crew exhale more CO2.
  • Crops now have planting/tending skill level. If a botanist with a lower skill plants/tends to a plant, it will suffer a growth rate penalty.
  • Fixed issue with cloud account login.
  • Fixed a trading bug when trading with multiple ships at the same time.
  • Power nodes now update link counts when dismantled.
  • Raised small storage capacity from 15 to 50.
  • Raised alien health and attack energy damage.
  • Starmap will no longer generate planets for explored systems that are far away from player when loading. If player travels back to these systems, planets are generated.  
  • Small UI tweaks.
  • Power viewmode now shows where the facility draws power from.
Use the in-game update in main menu to get the latest version. Be sure to check known bugs in the bug report menu before you submit Smile If you have reported a bug before and it's not fixed or listed no need to report again, we have a back log to fix! Have fun playing and have a great weekend! Heart

Bugs are best submitted through the in-game bug report menu, which can be accessed quickly by pressing F11 when playing. Please check known bugs in the same menu before submitting, and please use the feature with consideration.

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