Space Haven Alpha 3 - The Resource Overhaul

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You can read all about the new update more in detail below:

Space Haven Alpha 3 - The Resource Overhaul.
  • Savegames are not supported from alpha 2 anymore.
  • A new resource tree with new added resources and new facilities.
  • Sandbox scenario added - Start in a sector with a ton of resources!
  • Ability to haul dead bodies and turn dead humans into human meat. If times are desperate...
  • Ability to haul dead alien bodies and turn dead aliens into monster meat. Time to become an alien hunter and sell that sweet monster meat for the best price on the market!
  • Rename your own characters and ships (not NPC). This feature was asked for a lot! To keep all naming rewards value intact NPC characters or ships cannot be renamed. This also applies to shuttles and mining pods.
  • First set of backer names imported to the game. We will import more soon =)
  • General improvements to the UI, such as improved resource categories in storages and ship resource management menus and the ability to customize which resources are shown in the top bar (Added resource display settings in ship settings.)
  • You can now choose to start a new game with or without tutorial objectives. Tutorial objectives window has been made more noticeable.
  • Food values have changed and offer now more in hunger value.
  • Trade statuses added to trade notification in top right corner.
  • Power view mode now shows where power is being generated.
  • Power nodes and cores has reduced power storage capacity.
  • New Facility: Power capacity node. Stores more power but has smaller power radius.
  • Toilets and kitchen show a bad environment icon if they can't be used.
  • Resource categories changed in storage and ship resource management.
  • Combined Fabrication and Refine jobs to Industry.
  • Removed Engine job.
  • Build costs for facilities have been changed.
  • Tactical map now has various icons for ships giving information of their status.
  • New music track added to the music pool.
  • Fixed so many bugs that we ran out of them. Hah! Just kidding, we're sure you can still find some =)

Use the in-game update in main menu to get the latest version. Be sure to check known bugs in the bug report menu before you submit Smile If you have reported a bug before and it's not fixed or listed no need to report again, we have a back log to fix! Have fun playing and have a great weekend! Heart

Bugs are best submitted through the in-game bug report menu, which can be accessed quickly by pressing F11 when playing. Please check known bugs in the same menu before submitting, and please use the feature with consideration.

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