The UI update suggestions


I've collected a lot of suggestions again Smile
-in the UI there is an option to quickly select a crewmember. This is a very good option! I think: it would be better if there were one or two more button on the UI of the selected crewmember: to center the crewmember (like in the crewmember-management page)
-an easy accessible button to center your ship
-I dont't know whether the darkness has an affect on the working. If not, I recommend to be a small negative effect
-the crewmembers should be able to carry each other if the other is unconcious (to save him from the bugs or to carry him to the medical bed)
-I think that trading without communicating is... unrealistic. I recommend that the offer and the want window at the trading must be empty until we or the other faction propose the trading
-Why can't we claim a ship of another faction or a derelict?
-the game would be more 'colorfull' if there were the risk of an epidemy. So the player must make quarantine and an increased health care about the infected crewmembers. The origin of the epidemy can be a corpse on the floor or an ill crewmember or every looted food with a low chance.
-the top of the ship will be visible in tactic mode?
-it would be comfortable if there where a yellow warning label on the right if there is a drafted man or shoutle anywhere
-I recommend a hardcore mode: there can be only one save about that gameplay. So the player can't be make a new save about that gameplay, only the last save can be overwrite. Therefore the player must play on with the losses.
-Will be missions in the game? Wink
-There are many UI overlap bugs: If two UI window overlaps The mouse click go to the lower layer not to the upper...


Hi there!
  • You can double click on crew members in the top UI to center on them. The same works for ships.
  • It is already possible to carry other unconscious crew members, by drafting a healthy crew member and using the pick up command on the unconscious one.
  • There are trade pact with some factions by default, while others have to be negotiated.
  • Ships cannot be claimed due to balancing reasons.
  • Top might be visible in the future in the tactical view, or not =)
The UI overlaps come if you use UI scale and have a low resolution, there is not really anything that can be done about that, since the UI scale will make everything larger and eventually
things will overlap depending on resolution.

What kind of resolution are you playing with, and monitor?


Oh I didn't know about two of these are already existing features.

What do you mean by balancing reason here?

The UI ovefrlap is not a bad thing, just that the clicking is not going to the upper layer, but to the bottom layer.
I play with fullscreen mode which is 1600x900


Claiming/Capturing a ship is a huge pool of resources at the same time, as dismantle could be used to dismantle everything into resources again. If this could be done so easily there would be no challenge resource wise what so ever. It's a tricky problem, but perhaps in the future we can create something to balance that out. Like having to be able to hack something or have some very special resource to capture a ship. Or simply having that certain special derelict ships can be claimed.

Ahh yes, would of course be better if the click went to the upper layer =)

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I have a few building suggestions Smile
1) A side hyperdrive, which would be narrow and could be placed on the side of the ship.
2) Other versions of the hyperdrive, like a larger one or a smaller one.
3) We have toilets, so we need a shower, which may be only around 1x1 tiles like the scrubber.
4) Windows?
5) A frontal bridge window Smile
6) Some 1x1 or 1x2 'confort' objects which can be placed in crewmembers' rooms.
7) Plants might act like very weak scrubbers and o2 producers.
8) May be a smaller kitchen.

Gravity generators could be small or very large like those giant wheels on spaceship concepts Smile


What if all the appliances [kitchen, chair, hyperdrive, generator, so all the stuff] at 0 HP isn't repairable only salvageable. (This would make a game a bitmore difficult, because you must take care about your appliances, mainly which has only 1 hp e.g. the lamp (if I know right).) And on the derelict ship everything has 0 HP. And the hull. Has it HP? If not, I don't know the solution... What do you think, admiral?

I know that there are windows, but not in the our versions. On the official website there is a picture in which there is a window. Admiral, I'm also really waiting for the windows and bridge window.

And I have a suggestion about why would be better if everybody had a personal sleeping room: A little (or medium?) effect on mood when the crewmember is sleeping and there are another (sleeping or not) crewmembers in the same room:
1. If there is a crewmember with whom he/she has a bad relationship
2. If there is anybody, and the sleeping crewmember is antisocial
-> the mood decreases.

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Hmm. It's an interesting idea. In that case the return of resources from dismantling a facility should probably be linear to the facility condition amount. So if a facility has 5/6 it would yield x amount when dismantling, but if it has 2/6 it would give much less. This then becomes at least a little problematic when such a facility can have 4 resources in total for example, like 3 infra blocks and 1 tech block. Would have to come up with rules how the resources are diminished, at which point (Which condition state) is the tech block removed from getting it back when dismantling. This would need to be applied to the player owned ships as well, and the amount of resources returned shown for every facility when hovered on the dismantle button.

Worthy of having a discussion with the team at least! It would definitely require time to analyze properly regarding many aspects, like so many of the decisions do. So much to do and so little time Smile


I forgot about a couple of things:

10) Solar panels! :O that might be able to produce a small amount of energy, that might just be able to save some crewmembers' lives if the normal fuel runs out.

The list I drew up above might not be as hard as implementing SOLAR PANELS and GRAVITY GENERATORS like in the ship I linked.

I was also thinking about:
11) A small facility that would be able to turn shit into coal (I am not joking)
12) and A facility that might recycle some of the water evaporating from the crew members and plants into reusable water (kind of like the toilets work).

I saw those windows too and they looked pretty nice. Oh and every one of my crew members has a room of their own. This could be an in game bonus for some and a minus for others.... may be crew members that are talkative and like socializing might get a negative effect while sleeping alone in their own room.


I would like to see an option to collapse/hide certain UI interfaces. It seems to take up too much of the screen space. Also an information/encyclopedia/help key would be nice. Thanks.

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