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Levels keep resetting - Draikan - 02-26-2016

Just downloaded the PC release last night. Not sure what causes it but each time I open the game my scores, experience, and level have been reset. It's unplayable.

Levels keep resetting - AdmiralGeezer - 02-26-2016

Find the install folder and delete files "save" and "user". Try starting the game up again and play. See if it sticks.
Other thing you can try:

Play on hard difficulty
Die right away
Do this until you reach level 2
Quit and see if the exp sticks.

Levels keep resetting - Draikan - 02-26-2016

Deleted save and user files, started up the game, died on hard to get a score of about 1100. Quit the game and reopened, progress was missing, experience didn't stick.

Levels keep resetting - Draikan - 03-01-2016

Still can't get this to work. Unlocking the Patreon doesn't stick for me either.

Levels keep resetting - AdmiralGeezer - 03-01-2016

Did you play enough times on hard to get to level 2? Try that. Then if that doesn't work uninstall and reinstall. Send mail to [email protected] if these don't fix it.

Levels keep resetting - Draikan - 03-02-2016

I just deleted it and used the steam install. That's working.