Levels keep resetting


Just downloaded the PC release last night. Not sure what causes it but each time I open the game my scores, experience, and level have been reset. It's unplayable.


Find the install folder and delete files "save" and "user". Try starting the game up again and play. See if it sticks.
Other thing you can try:

Play on hard difficulty
Die right away
Do this until you reach level 2
Quit and see if the exp sticks.


Deleted save and user files, started up the game, died on hard to get a score of about 1100. Quit the game and reopened, progress was missing, experience didn't stick.


Still can't get this to work. Unlocking the Patreon doesn't stick for me either.


Did you play enough times on hard to get to level 2? Try that. Then if that doesn't work uninstall and reinstall. Send mail to [email protected] if these don't fix it.


I just deleted it and used the steam install. That's working.

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