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Cannot post replies - Artoo - 10-25-2019

Hello, something seems to not work here?
Well new threads seem to work but I cannot reply to my old

"Post Reply" button does nothing, just reloads the reply editing page

RE: Cannot post replies - AdmiralGeezer - 10-26-2019

There's two ways you can post replies. A "Quick reply" is right here when viewing a thread, which I'm using now.
Another way is to press the "New reply" button under the last comment in a thread.

Which one are you trying to use? And if you press "post reply" here without writing anything it will not post anything, just reload this quick reply section =)

Edit: Ahh, yes. You are correct! The New Reply editing page is not working. Shall look into it. Meanwhile, try using the quick reply which is present directly in a thread.

RE: Cannot post replies - AdmiralGeezer - 10-28-2019

New Reply works now as well! Smile Problem should be all fixed now.

RE: Cannot post replies - Artoo - 11-11-2019

I cannot post any attachments, I tried uploading a picture in jpg and png format, neither works, only get this message;
Please correct the following errors before continuing:
  • The type of file that you attached is not allowed. Please remove the attachment or choose a different type.

RE: Cannot post replies - AdmiralGeezer - 11-12-2019

Hey there!

Yeah, it's not allowed because those would start filling up our server then =) If you want to post pictures upload them to imgur and the use the add picture and put the url to the imgur image.