Introduce yourself, Commander!


Name: Kevin
Age: 36, California, USA
Gender: Male
What introduced you to Battlestation: Humble Mobile Bundle, and I always pay more than average - a great deal for everyone.
Favourite other games: Master of Magic, Witcher 3, FTL, Defense Grid, Battlefield 3
What do you usually eat for breakfast: I have a machine that makes dough for me each morning at 5am. At 5:30 I put it in the oven and then exercise. At 6am I take it out and then go shower. at 6:30 I am out of the shower and I slice the loaf of bread (usually flax seeds, blueberries, and crushed pecans). I put a dab of butter on a cast iron skillet, heat to hot, then toast two slices. I eat that with cream cheese and coffee through a chemex drip carafe, usually kona beans that I grind while the bread is toasting. here is my recipe for bread:
- 3 cups flour, any kind
- 1.10 cups milk, any
- 3 tablespoons sugar, any
- 1 teaspoon salt, any
- however much flax seeds, berries, and pecans you want (I use about 1 tb / 2 tb / 2 tb)
- use bread machine or squish together with your hands until it forms a nice, not too sticky ball, about 3 minutes of squishing. spread shortening with a brush all over a cast-iron baking pan (or use any kind of pan you want), and sprinkle a little flour all over it. this will keep it from sticking later. put a light towel over it and let it rise for 30 minutes, then squish it all the way down and let it rise again for 20 minutes. then, it is ready to be baked @ 350F for 22 minutes at 400ft above sea level. Let bread stay in pan for 10 minutes, then turn upside down and bread will fall out with some shaking. put it on a rack or if you don't have one on top of three forks laid out on the counter so it cools. after cooling for 20 minutes it is ready to be cut. store sliced up bread in a ziploc bag in the fridge and change bags each day to prevent condensation water from soggying your bread.

First game you ever played: Pac Man, a miniature arcade game using batteries. now those things are worth hunrdeds of dollars.


I am a 63 year old Navy veteran. I have been using and repairing computer equipment since 1984, but even before that, I was programming an IBM mainframe in Fortran IV, on punch cards I punched myself at LSU in 1971.
I first heard about this game when it was part of HumbleBundle mobile 17.
My favorite games have been Civilization, Wolfenstein 3D, all of the Dooms, Quake, and now this game.
I eat toaster scrambles and sausage nearly every morning.
The first computer game I played was Star Trek on a pdp 11 with a teletype as the display device.


Name: cougre
Location: California

- My first computer game: the original Adventure (text adventure) on a mainframe
- First video game: Pong in an arcade cabinet
- When I'm not playing Harbinger, I'm playing Fallout 4 on my Playstation
- Breakfast varies between toast, cereal, fresh fruit, or yogurt... but always coffee.


Name: Makhot, age 32.
Location: Finland, Outskirts of Northern Desolation
Occupation: ICT industry, life long hobbyist game developer.

-My first computer game, something on C64 cannot recall what.
-My first video game, Super Mario Bros.
-Favorites, TES series, 4X games (still waiting for the MOO2 successor)
-Breakfast, usually none.


Heya, SatchTFF here. For real, I'm Satch and I make youtibe vids for minecraft. Male and 16 years old. I foun the Battlestation on my grandma's phone while browsing for games on google play. Now, I bought the BS Harbinger and thinking of buying the BS:FC.

I like RTS like Age of Empire, Command & Conquer and Battlestation. I also like minecraft.

I usally eat rice and some meat for breakfast cause I'm going to school and won't eat any until later. xD

The first game was Age of Empire III.


Hi,  Im Wojciech from Poland. Im 16 years old. 

I played a BS:FC, and i looked for other products of Bugbyte. 
And i found BS:Harbringer. 
My first video game ever is Quake 2 on PSX
My favorite games is : BS:H,  all Quake games,  Red Alert 2/3,  Gothic trylogy. 

For breakfast i usually eat bread with ham and butter.


HI.  I'm Jack and I love battlestation games


Name's Amos - 31 years old. I got Harbinger on Steam. I have several favorite games and genres - although RTS in mobile format is the best type of game to pass the time in my opinion.

I probably should start eating breakfast - maybe one day, lol. The first game I remember flipping out on is the Duck Hunt/Mario World combo on the NES.


Hi! I'm Radek,male from Poland,15yo. Im professional swimmer and i love mobile games. Yours are awesome


Welcome Radek! Professional swimmer? Wow, that is super cool. Maybe we will see you in the olympics one day, playing a Bugbyte game on TV Smile

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