Early playing


Acknowledged, CorvusVirtus Smile


Any new development on early play or Beta/Alpha testing?

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Well, yes in a sense that the game is progressing! Best way to describe current situation is that we're building the different pieces of the puzzle. The systems, features like being able to build a ship piece by piece, simulated gas system inside ships, AI of units, prioritizing jobs, star map generation, background generator (which we are working on currently), battle, and so on.

Many of the pieces are starting to be in good shape, but as you can imagine having a bunch of pieces that haven't been put together does not make for a playable game yet.

Our current goal is to try to develop this game to be releasable Q1 or Q2 of 2018. That would most likely be a Steam early access and mobile release at the same time. From there we continue developing the game according to player feedback. If we manage this before that time range you will surely hear about it! Also, there will be some testing we want to do before the early release too, just hard for me to say when that will be exactly right now. We will keep you informed Smile

P.S. It's great to hear from you guys, let's us know there is interest for the game!


Thank you for the update! This game looks so good, I cannot wait to buy it. Smile

We have been waiting for an honourable FTL-class game for Android for ages and it seems you guys will be fixing that issue. I bet you there are a ton of other people who don't even know about the title, but are willing to play it and have been waiting to see a game like this on the Android platform.

Can't wait to see some kind of early testing versions that we can try. I'm willing to report bugs professionally as well (it's my job anyway) if it would be of any help to the project. Really want to see it take off. Smile


I want test this GAME!=3



Yes of course! 

Looking good Devs!


Как только игра выйдет надо будет полюбому снять ее для Ютуба, думаю многим понравится если все будет так как обещали, интересно вот только будет ли она поддерживать различные модификации(steam workshop). Если да то думаю игра сможет стать отличным конкурентом для Rimworld


So excited about this! Thank you for sharing your current time estimates, @AdmiralGeezer. (And yes, I'm aware it's just an estimate, not a promise Wink ). Anything you can share about what you're currently working on or what progress you make would be deeply appreciated - so long as it doesn't take too much time, of course!


I would like to bring my expertise on board if you have me when you start having alphas/betas as i have been "professional" bugtester and know where to look where people normally don't and try to analyze any memory leaks, cpu hogs, etc. via debugging and suggesting balancing feedback and so on Big Grin
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