DevBlog #8 - First version of hyperspace!

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We've been working on creating a hyperspace jump the past few days. We are showing you the first version of it here with some screenshots and small video snippets. We really feel that many interesting and never before seen things could happen in hyperspace, so we would like to get your ideas on what could happen there!

We got a thought that the fleet could travel various times in hyperspace, depending on the destination you are jumping to. Also, various accidents and encounters could happen in hyperspace as well. This aspect has not been used that much in games before, which makes us excited!

You are traveling in hyperspace with your fleet. What could happen there? Give us your ideas below!

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If you are travelling that fast the vibrations, metroid collisions and the extreme stresses the ship goes through must create some sort of damage to your craft. So say if your shield is offline to try and travel at such speeds with the above issues that could add another dimension to the game. Also a malfunction in the NAV AI puts you closer to an obstacle than planned. Solar flares or Stars going supernova could be an issue, or when events arise how you deal with it could be a way of levelling up. Setting up Shake down drills on your ship so that your crew are ready to deal with these potential disasters like they do on Submarines. The more trained and ready your crew are the morexp you get/less damage your vessel recieves


Space pirates set a hyperspace trap knocking you out of hyperspace and attacking comes to mind. A chance to meet up with Good or Bad higher dimensional beings. Tribbles!

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Travelling through hyperspace should not damage you're ship. There shouldn't be any kind of friction or gravity in normal space that you would encounter. However, if you were to fly through a supernova or a nebula, then I could see having your ship vibrate or the hull being damaged. Flying to close to a star, planet, asteroid could pull you out of hyperspace.

I like the idea of navigational mistakes and pirate traps. Crew preparedness and experience should be a factor. During flight in hyperspace, maybe the crew gets some relaxation time, which would increase crew happines and energy levels.

Getting to a destination could possibly take multiple jumps. An experienced navigation officer would be better at getting the crew through uncharted space.


Also maybe there could be an engine error which damages the ship and dropps the ship out of the hyperspace in a totally uncharted system.A factor for the appearing of this event would be the skill of your engineer(s) as well as the integrity of your engine


An electro magnetic storm would be fitting, it would damage some electronic devices and therefore might cause fires, also beings of pure energy would be one of the inhabitants of the realm, the storm also could interrupt travelling in hyperspace and stop u at a planet or an asteroid on the way to your destination, making you repair the drive and then u can continue your journey


Well gravity wave have been recently detected.   As a private pilot and having flown on commercial airlines you know you run into turbulence to varying degrees ( the air is rarely smooth).  

So why not gravity waves causing turbulence in hyperspace?  
Don't get something broken by hitting too big a gravity wave?  
Gravity waves creating something like a jet stream in hyper?


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I'd strongly suggest using some screen capture software to record better video of the game, I use [Link Removed] which is free and pretty good!


From a fine Commander elsewhere:

Hello Admin. So, I've taken a little time to think on you alls latest update and really I'm not so sure how the game will play or the button commands so I'll just throw some ideas out there and hopefully I'll be able to give something to work with. Idea When jumping a system failure such as "(Power Pipeline) (Antimatter containment System) (Thrusters) has loss of pressure" being a leak, or power being drained from an alien entity or just not enough fuel. Followed by jump failure Immenent or longer travel time. Idea In the event your traveling in hyperspace. I highly doubt you would ever see the rock coming, there so far apart though. If shields have failed at that point, maybe an impact could cause a lose of pressure, leaving you the options to evacuate the breached area or just seal off the area to save pressure in the rest of the ship, leaving said crew in that area to dispair Angel . An enemy Is approaching, direct attacks on your ship or boarding parties beaming on board. Exclamation All that really comes to my mind is System failures, enemy encounter, and obstacle impact threats. Maybe Tim was eyeballing kim and knocked the chemical container over spilling concentrated hydricloric acid on his pants and now he knocked Off the hot plate into the trash and low and behold, emergency systems failed and everyone waited till half the ship was on fire to give in and tell the captain. Rolleyes I hope some use can be gotten from any of these ideas and I look forward to seeing development. DD Out.


Someone please tell me there will be a tongue-in-cheek "going plaid" Spaceballs reference.

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