Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING


BUG: Refusing an escort mission does not work... the civilian ship still follows you. (Android)


Not quite a bug . . . but I just lost about 18 levels worth of progress because of my own stupid mistake. I just felt like cryin'.


@Lurkily. That is very unfortunate! Cloud save is something we want to implemenet at some point, we just have to get all the content features done first.


@Lurkily. You can play the game on hard mode and die quickly to get some level ups fast.


Haha, isn't that kind of an exploit?




I was playing easy mode, and I got to map 4 of 4. I went to an emp sector and 5hen I got zapped and couldn't jump. I now cannot wait or leave. I had 8 beacons, but I used them all trying to see if they would force a wait. I am trapped. HELP!!


@MrSteamie. Very unfortunate, that is a bug we are fixing right now. We will update the game soon, that bug only happens when the nemesis enters the Electromagnetic storm sector and escapes, AND then the EMP pulse comes. So it is a bit of a rare bug. These things happen when we add a bunch of new stuff.

You will have to start a new game, we will patch the game today or tomorrow. You can still play just don't kill nemesis in electromagnetic storm sector Smile


Man, I thought I had discovered a cool new bug with the whole Nemesis escape pod / EMP in the storm thing. Oh well, guess you already know about it. Guess I have a chance to make a new fleet. ☺

can anyone help me or is this a bug ?

Java is new on my pc
i have new intall Battle Station Harbinger !
nothing work Sad

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