DevBlog #22 - Thoughts on early access and showing the newest progress!


Hey @Grabin.

Currently no running.


(10-03-2018, 09:48 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Thank you everyone for the awesome comments!

@Scott. Shitting pants is in the game implemented.

@Talien. Might be reworded, but eventually somethings gotta happen when no toilet has been built Smile

@Arturius. Don't think GoG has any early access as far as we know? They tend to go with releasing completed games I think.

That's going to be amusing then. No restrooms? Brown alert!

Serious question though. Do you plan on having different difficulty settings including an easy mode where you just have to build things like O2 production and power plant and don't have to manually connect them to everything? I enjoy a complex sim game like this looks like it's going to be, but a lot of casual gamers wouldn't be interested in all the micromanaging. If you have an easy setting like that then you'll be able to attract casual gamers instead of having them give the game a pass, or worse, bad reviews because it was "too hard".

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Currently there isn't much manual connecting, only the power nodes at the moment. There could perhaps be some possibility to make some settings, but generally we try to strive to make the basics of a game clear enough so that our target audience understands enough to play and learn along the way. Appealing to everyone is a noble cause but there is a lot of extra work involved in automating too, and it can have unexpected effects on game play, where in the end one can realize that it would still be better to push the player to learn for himself.

There are many things to take into account Smile

We are going to make difficulty settings otherwise, which affect the challenge of the game.

Almost forgot the most important thing:

Of course if there is clear feedback and a clear way to solve it without affecting something else negatively we will obviously pursue that! So player feedback will guide us eventually to improve on things.


I'm so excited, when are they going to release this?


I'm so so so excited...when will this game release? Is it an online game or offline?


Hey there @Geovlazer and @Hadez005. We have plans to run a Kickstarter around months Feb - March of 2019. It will be the first time we make an early access build available for backers of the campaign at the end of the campaign! Stay tuned, we will keep everyone updated and make a new dev blog update soon too.

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Errmergeeerd!!! This game looks like it's gonna be AMAZING!!! Keep it up guys! Just wwwwaitin' on that beta! (I'll be all over that Kickstarter as soon as you guys put it up)


Thank you @Mystericwolf Smile


This is looking amazing. Great job so far, I can't wait to try it out.


Thanks! @Cross1013 Smile

Will post a new dev blog update this week and it's going to be big news and lots of new stuff to see!

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