Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate



We are facing a big amount of piracy on Battlestation: Harbinger Sad Many choose not to pay at all and instead simply download a cracked version of Battlestation: Harbinger. This is hurting us immensely and makes it very difficult to make more Battlestation games, we simply cannot do it without funding...

The current ratio is like this:

30% of the players playing Harbinger have purchased the game.
70% of players have pirated it!

We need all the help we can get to keep on going. Please give the game a good rating on both Google Play and Apple App Store, this will help the game get more downloads and leads to us being able to keep on going. Of course only if you feel like it deserves a good rating Smile

Also please tell all your awesome friends of Battlestation, maybe they will want to buy it as well.
And if you are active on any forums you can help us by posting links/videos of the game and spreading the word!

Times are tough commanders. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better.


Okay guys , why would you pirate a amazing game with the capability to become so much more? , if you pay to play , game developer's can release new content for Harbinger , other such games.
Where would one go if the Battle-Stations fell?                                                                                                                                                                  ZazTheAdmiral


I gladly paid for my copy ! I also proudly gave this game a five star rating . I am looking forward to updates and new games.


ey, I left a review, and would love to talk further about this game and your PC game. Please hit me up at so we can see about getting you on our podcast, or maybe do a Q&A. Thanks!


This is a great game, but that piracy rate is almost expected for the mobile (specially android) market. I'm a developer as well, and even after my game going free (2 years after launch), most of the downloads still comes from "unknown sources". I'm not saying launching games for android is a bad idea, but you have to plan ahead and know that 70% of the people is going to download a pirate version. Of course that's bad and I would rather live in a world where people actually support the game they are playing, but that's not the reality in most cases right now.

The thing here is: is there something you guys can do in your end to protect the game better? Maybe some sort of one-time login required to play the game once you download it?

Good luck guys. I really hope this situation changes soon.


This is really disappointing i bought this game as soon is at came out, and its clear that the developers clearly put a lot of effort into the game, so whomever is doing this should be eaten alive by trolgars


I bought the game yesterday and i played it. It is AWESOME. Btw, have you ever mentioned Battlestation Classic?


But as soon the people have downloaded and played the game, that means they like it. Don't be hopeless. Everything will end well.


1000-5000 installs on Google Play after what... a week?

that's not too bad, but when you do the math on say, approximately 2000 units sold @ $4USD/unit - 30% for google - you're sitting at like $5K in your first week of sales?

if that rate continues, $20K/month... less taxes, salaries and other expenses... unless your overhead is low, it's a not a great situation for you guys.

i do hope it works out well for you though, as I'd like nothing more than to see some of the awesome features that people have come up with actually implemented in this game, and for you guys to be able to afford real meat and cheese on your sandwiches!

it's superb as it is, but good community involvement from developers can go a long way towards making a good game great!

piracy on android is a huge issue, and a significant factor in holding the entire platform back from reaching its potential... people complain about the lack of quality games, and then turn around and use that a justification for stealing the few decent ones.

curious, despite the piracy rate, where are you guys so far in terms of your expectations?


unerds you are spot on with your calculations, there is just one thing. We were featured for the first week, the sales will drop at least 10 times after the first week Sad The market is such that the game just vanishes into to oblivion after the first week, and that is if you are lucky enough to get a featuring in the first place. That is very rare and we are extremely fortunate compared to most others in that sense.

It simply is not viable I'm afraid, but we will see where the sales land after the first week now. We would need a $10k/month to survive, currently we are in a situation where we would have to increase our stable daily sales tenfold to achieve that.

It is a very dire situation and the pressure on us is immense. Our next step will be to bring Harbinger on Steam and I believe me might even do a Kickstarter for it to make features that you have suggested stretch goals. And it won't be too significant amount of money to reach the stretch goals either so in that sense it could be doable. This if our current Kickstarter fails.

The community we have is really amazing though, I hope that we can continue to build on Battlestation and make even more epic games as well as update Harbinger.

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