Misplaced decimal place on Celestial Death Ray hull damage!?


Why does upgrading the hull damage only add 2.5% damage though? And why is the celestial death ray so damn good? It feels really weird to have a weapon that's just clearly way better than the others.

Especially when I warp into a system and there are 4+ ships, often meaning 3+ celestial death rays, and they vaporize one of my ships almost instantly. It seems not that uncommon in celestial sectors (aside from sector 1). I can't even warp in away from the enemy ships, because they are sometimes spread out enough in the system to make this impossible.

It makes celestial sectors much more difficult than the others. On normal difficulty, generally, by the time I get 3 ships I can practically just stomp my way through most sectors, but running into a celestial sector often involves lots of warping in and out, running out of beacons and frustrating near-instant ship popping.

If it's not a bug, can the celestial death ray probably at least deserves a pretty significant nerf. If you did intend it to do massive damage, maybe it should be relatively short ranged? That way, you don't get hit by many different death rays upon warping in, and good positioning and firepower could maybe let you destroy the ships before they do too much damage.

Maybe the RNG could just spawn them on enemies a bit less? It would actually be fun to run into a scary, super-powerful weapon once in a while, but the celestial death ray seems relatively common past sector 1. If it were just one ship in a group of enemies that had the death ray, at least I could focus them down quickly.

It's just right now, the celestial death ray is so powerful it honestly feels like a bug. Before posting this thread I actually thought about if it might be working as intended, but concluded that it's so good it's more likely to be a bug.

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