Devs: Thanks for the new content!


I appreciate your dedication to your older games.  Harbinger is definitely one of my favorite games of all times and I was pleasantly surprised to find not only Haven as a playable (and very good) ship, but also the addition of several new subsystems.

The photon bombers are very good as a general purpose ship slot, decent at blocking enemy shots as well as wearing them down.   Works better with missiles due to weak shield damage, but it helps maintain a niche for Plasma as a shield-breaker.

Have not had much luck with gatling fighters yet.  Their weak shield damage prevents them from being useful against enemy ships early on but their anti-fighter/bomber is pretty impressive and they make solid anti-fighter defense.  On the fence about them vs laser drones.

Haven itself is a fantastic ship with the solid slots of the valiant but with an extra bay and more overall toughness.

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