DevBlog #23 - Play Space Haven on PC/Mac/Linux by backing Kickstarter February 27th!

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Having the same content would be our plan, yes. Although we have to optimize certain things, like background graphics will be different, to make performance good on mobile.
There hasn't been any limitations to content development, but it has taken some more time to tweak the UI for example.

It' still open as to what the minimum screen size for the game will be, so phones are not a clear cut case. (Phones come in many sizes too, so it's not easy to say phones in general). We're trying though, but we will need time.
Right now we are focusing on making the game as good as can be by developing content further using the PC/Mac/Linux versions. Once the game is solid we will have time to focus also on the mobile side and see what we can
support officially.

So in short: This is a deep PC quality game, where content has not been affected by cross-platform development. It's a game we also want to bring to mobile, just like Faster Than Light. Tablets are looking good, and we're trying our damn hardest to make phones part of it as well.

And great to have you with us! Smile

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