DevBlog #24 - Countdown begins! Kickstarter starts Wednesday February 27th.

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The countdown has begun, we have a date for Space Haven Kickstarter set to start Wednesday February 27th. Mark your calendars! We've pushed as far as we can with our resources. Almost three years in the making this game has pushed us to the limits. There's still much to go but we're excited to show what we have created come February 27th. Join us February 27th and let's kickstart Space Haven to something great together.

If you haven't seen the announcement trailer give it a look above. We're excited to show you a new trailer when Kickstarter begins, with a voice over this time!

Why are we running a Kickstarter and why should I join?
  • Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. We need both funds and alpha testers for Space Haven.
  • You will be able to become the first Alpha tester for the game (PC/Mac/Linux) by joining. Access to the game build will be given 2 weeks after Kickstarter ends.
  • The campaign will end March 31st. After this we will develop the game further in iterations based also on our alpha testers feedback.

What kind of rewards are there for supporting Space Haven on Kickstarter?
  • Not only will you be able to pre-purchase and join alpha testing. There will be rewards like naming mining pods and shuttles, getting your name into the character pool of the game, receiving the Soundtrack, your name in the credits of the game, wallpapers and more.
  • The Kickstarter will have different reward tiers, so be sure to check what they hold when campaign launches.

Which platforms will the Kickstarter Alpha access be for?
  • It will be for PC/Mac/Linux. Sadly we could not make mobile versions part of Kickstarter at this point. We're still developing on the mobile version but it will come later. We're doing our best, we're only 3 guys so resources are limited.

How can I join the Kickstarter?
  • You can join starting Wednesday February 27th by visiting the Kickstarter page url for Space Haven then. (Note! We will give a link to it when the campaign has started)
  • We will post a link to the Kickstarter through Mail, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Can I help you now in any way?

It's very hard to succeed with a Kickstarter. Help us fight and win! The biggest problem is visibility, without funds to market we have to try to get visibility all by ourselves. We are going to need your help throughout the campaign. Below are some methods you can do right now and while the campaign is running.

Help us spread the word:
  • Mail your favorite Youtuber/Twitch streamer with a link to: and tell them to send us a mail to [email protected] for access to the game.
  • If you read some gaming website, send them a tip! Include a link to and
  • Show Space Haven home page to a friend you think would enjoy this game.
  • Post the trailer, or gifs or screenshots of Space Haven to your favorite social media or forum. You can use the trailer and screenshots seen in this post.

Sharing posts:
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[Image: m22sQxb.jpg]

We have also set up a Steam coming soon page for the game. It will still take time before we will be able to release the game on Steam, the iterative development with the help of feedback from our Kickstarter backers will determine when the game is ready! Right now though, you will be able to check out the Steam page and remember to give it a follow and wishlist!

Open in browser: Open Steam Store Page in browser
Open directly in Steam: Open Steam Store Page directly in Steam

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Stay tuned for the Kickstarter launch! And remember if you want to chat with us or follow us on other channels you can do so from the links below:

The best way to be notified is the mailing list:

Feel free to share the trailer to your friends and on your favorite forums such as Reddit or other! That really helps us spread the word!
Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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