This game has something special...

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I've played over 2000 hours of RimWorld, and I must say, never thought a game in Alpha state would draw me away, but it has.
Space Haven is my new favorite game! Im OBSESSED!
The survival aspect, even in Alpha stage is very unique. Even though there isnt alot of content right now, I've played scenario 3 for the longest, just trying to keep the crew alive. 
I love the mechanics when exploring Derelict ships. The atmosphere is terrifying! Finding cocooned survivors and deciding if they live or die....very awesome.
Ship to ship Combat will no doubt be a game changer as I am patiently waiting for its implementation!
With that being said, I have a few observations so far.
- If you draft a crewmember, direct them to pickup a weapon from storage, then fast forward , the crewmember picks up the weapon. But if you direct them to pick up a spacesuit from a Shuttle, and fast forward, they will pick up the spacesuit
- A more streamlined way of selecting multiple tiles?
- The Water resource seems very scarce, but we are highly dependent on it (Life Support, Grow Bed) but maybe that's just the "Rougelike" aspect of it? Maybe increase the output when refining Ice just a bit?
Otherwise..this game has unlimited potential. Please keep up the awesome work and thank you for your hard work!

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