Home stations, upgrades, defense and more..


sorry for my english but i thing if we make more upgradeable stations with defens, shields and hangars like ships or like in battlestation clasic previous game it will be awesome. The Stations should be more important, they need to be in center of the game. We must defense them from attacks, upgrade them build hangars and drons or small ships to defense. Maybe if make station like home base and build in shipyards for build more advenced ships, mines to produced litle of scrap it will make the game more playable. Oure adventure in space it will be more real, we have main task, we are fight with enemy and mercenary, if we wont we take secondary missions and we defend oure Home BASE Station from attacks.

Think about it..



@saverock. Thanks for the ideas! We have another game concept called Humanity's Last Hope, which is focused more on a station. And then of course Classic and First Contact.

Battlestation: Harbinger was designed to revolve around a few ships instead of stations, but you never know what we come up with in the future with new games!

Your idea is interesting though and we will keep it in mind.


I second his idea. Merge harbanger and battlestation. Game feels more like a action game when it lacks production and a base.It needs something to pull you into the story. Without it i feel like i am just jumping around looking for ships to destroy...


I like the idea of build able and upgradable stations.. But outside of the main game. I think they would a good fit for endless mode, have just one galaxy to defend against increasingly hard waves of enemy fleets, but you can can build and upgrade the defence in each sector and send defender fleets around. Would be a good use of all the extra scrap you acquire by the end when you have obtained your perfect build for the core fleet.


Yeah, nice idea, and I am more with @Onewave here - it could do for a separate mode... but idk, programmatically it will mean much change to the game code.. unless you simply make stations same as ships, like you own it.

All in all, Harbinger is indeed more of an action-roguelike experience which I really like and would like to see it updated on this course. Stations, however, could really be made more important.. idk how, though.


I think those are great ideas but more fit for expansion or whole new game Wink
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