Changes to fleet managment


I been playing this game a lot over the last few weeks and something that I think that could be improved on is the fleet managment.

Two changes I think would be good are:

Ship class slots
Currently you can have 3 ships of any type in your fleet.. I think an improvement to this set up would be to change it to 3 capital ships and 2-3 lighter ships( like the one weapon /fighter slot ships) this would make your fleet more interesting to arrange and give more build flexibility.
An addition to this would be special ships for example a ship that has a strong shield but only one direction or specialises in point defence to add more tactically interesting decisions when arranging the fleet.

Recruitable allies
Similar to the current system of hiring but you would have one permanent auxiliary slot in you fleet that could be filled by one of the encounter allies, they would become part of the fleet management (you can give them orders/targets etc) but you cannot change their weapons etc. This would make each game more unique as you fleet make would vary depending on which allies you encounter.

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