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I liked was very interesting will have a beta version before leaving the full version?
and when it comes out I'm a big fan of games battlestation
if you have a beta version'd like to see
over the video was very good indeed


could we get like a countdown to the mobile update , cause we mobile users might be feeling abit left out as pc get all these interface upgrades , even though we cant get it , we still need stuff to keep the hype up


[Image: AAWRgnI.jpg]

Well, there's some teasing for ya! Can't really give a count down yet, have to set a date for the PC release first, which we will do very soon. All the new updates will be featured in the PC version first, since we can only focus on one thing at once and this upcoming PC release is so so important for us. It determines a lot of how we can continue on, your support is immensely important.

Once we have released the game on PC we will work hard to finalize the mobile version with the updates, so that you get to play it. Most players on PC haven't even played the game yet so, you are more lucky in that way Wink


? ok lol , one more question , seeing so many players bought the name a ship package , does it mean u will be adding that many ships?


@DaViylax77. Yeah! There was some 7-9 new ships to be made if I remember correctly.


I have one question since I'm early access do I still get the downloadable ship code


@Latios111. If you backed $20 or more on Kickstarter then yes! So if you backed the $40 you will get it.

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