Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


@AdmiralGeezer thanks!



Hey Aksel Smile In between the holidays when the beta was on a break I finally managed to leave a nice 5 star review on the play store for you. A couple days ago you (or someone else at Bugbyte) left a reply mentioning to join the forum because of some upcoming big news? As you can see I've been here on the forums for a while already Wink but was wondering if you might shed some light on the news? Wink


@UncleMarty. Yeah! Just want to have access to our wonderful fans, we have started brainstorming new game ideas and we have one in particular now that we want to ask our communitys opinion on. We will make a post soon to explain more of the idea.

But I will be sure to reach out through our mailing list here! Stay tuned, Commanders.


AWESOME Smile Thanks for the fast reply Smile I'm now super excited about your new ideas Big Grin


@AdminralGeezer Excited to try out the death ray, post-nerf. is there a change log posted somewhere? I always look forward to seeing bug fixes and gameplay tweaks listed, but have yet to see a list in Google Play or on the forums. Also, is there a way to view a single person's post on the forum, across all threads? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.


@AdmiralGeezer also is there a way to edit forum posts and correct embarrassing typos? The edit button loads a blank screen for me on FF 45 and Chrome. Disabling Ublock Origin does not help. Thank you!


Yay awesome!


The no enemies bug is still there and no pdw sound either.
I'll have a good play through later to see how those death rays feel.


I would love to c if you could buy and play as the alien ships. Also if there could be like a invasion mode and you could build space stations and defence ships. Or build your own ship in a sandbox mode.


@AdmiralGeezer: I may have seen this posted before, but can't remember. It seems with this latest release, I am not warping to the selected quadrant of the sector. For instance, if I select the bottom left quadrant and then jump in, I am placed in the left part of the bottom middle quadrant. If I select the bottom right quadrant, I am placed in the right side of the bottom middle quadrant. Same holds true for top quadrants. I don't remember having this issue prior to the beta and this is causing me to lose a lot of ships.

Is anyone else noticing this?

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